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  1. Database of American Civil War (ACW) photographs from the Special Collections Branch of MHI. Usually, patrons are searching for ancestors, researching particular ACW regiments, or looking for examples of items worn or used by soldiers of the period. Ultimately, this database will reflect the full range of MHI's photographic collection, ranging from the periods of the Mexican War in the 1840s to recent operations such as those in Somalia and Bosnia. As our digitization efforts expand, we hope to provide links to scanned images through this database. The following photos were found:

                        Wartime bust image of Pvt. Samuel P. Kemp, Co. I, 7th Regt., Ohio Vol. Inf. He is wearing
                        shoulder scales.
                        A bust view of Pvt. John Henry Kemp, Co. K, 3rd Regt., Illinois Vol. Cavalry. He is pictured
                        with his wife, Stella Boyce. This is a post war image.
                        A three-quarter standing view of Corp. Stephen Kemp, Co. G, 13th Regt., N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
                        A bust view of Maj. Joseph R. Kemp, 6th Regt., Pa. Hvy. Arty., post-war.
                        A full standing view of Color Corp. Thomas E. Kemp, Co. F, 4th Regt., MD. Vol. Inf.
                         A bust view of Capt. Andrew C. Kemper, A.A.G. of Vols.
                         A bust view of Pvt. Jacob Kempher, Co. A, 67th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
                         A bust view of Corp. Jacob Kemper, Co. A & K, 67th Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
                         Bust view of Capt. Andrew Carr Kemper, AAG of Vols., in civilian attire.
     RG42S-HBCWRt 2.28
                         Nearly a full length standing image of Pvt. Barnard Kemper, Co. B, 149th Regt., Pa. Vol.
                         Infantry. He is wearing his BUCKTAIL insignia in his kepi. Backdrop was used.
                      2/3 standing wartime image of Capt. Charles W. Kempf, 5th Regt., Wisconsin Vol. Inf. His
                      branch insignia (bugle) is visible on his kepi.

    To order above photo, see MHI Web Page.

  2. Ancestry Home Town Genealogy Library had 295 Kemp hits.

  3. Search Gene Stark's Index of Names - Just type in Kemp.

  4. While at the library, copied the Kemps I found on the Union Roster (Civil War), pg. 83.

  5. Kemp Entries in IL State Archives, Database of IL Civil War Vets; courtesy of Tom Kemp.

  6. Allen Johannes came across this from GHOTES DIGEST which has some info on KEMPs in Maryland 1700-80s.

  7. If you are looking for a Kemp from the Hampshire area of England, Keith Smith has kindly sent us a list of Kemps he has researched from that area. Go to Hampshire Kemps.

  8. Hugh Winters has kindly furnished us a listing of Kemps which appear in the UK Marriage Witness Index Report. Listings may be of the bride, groom, or witness.

  9. The Pan for Gold databases contain information on individuals who were in the Yukon during the Gold Rush years. In doing a search on Kemp, I have listed the results of my search.

  10. J. Kemp has a great deal of information on the Kemps of West Somerset UK, most of the South West of England Kemps, Kemps in South Wales from 1861, some knowledge of the Kemps of Staffordshire and Warwickshire and is in contact with other UK Kemp family researchers all over the world.

  11. Shelagh Mason (in England) has offered to try to help anyone researching East Kent Kemp(e)'s. I am working with Carolyn Kemp in Alberta on the Kentish Kemp(e)'s, as she has Wye and Whitstable links, and I have Canterbury and Thanet area links. We are building a database for all of England, which is rapidly growing. The most extensive data collected are those from Kent, but the Sussex and other other counties are being added to regularly.

  12. Claire Van Baalen of Australia has database of Tasmanian Records of Kemps. She is the g.grand-daughter of Francis Thomas Kemp born in Cornwall on 12/25/1852. She has a photograph of a child of Richard Kemp, taken in Thanksgiving dress, in Truckee, California in the 1870's-1880. Any Interested Parties?

  13. KFA members Betty and Allen Johannes are sharing with us a number of Kemps they discovered from various sources in Bladen County, NC.

  14. Dona Wilson has offered to help those researching Kemp in the Woodford County, Ky., or central Kentucky area with copies of wills, deeds, marriages, etc.

  15. Joyce Kohl has written a book on the Kemp-Nixon families entitled "Of Loved Ones Gone Before" Printed and Published in late 1989 or early 1990.

  16. Kemp Baptisms, Cork city, Cork, Ireland

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Did You Know ...

that Jennifer Kemp was part of the 4x100 Free USA Swim Team that won a Gold Medal at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics and set a new world record of 3.55.19 (the East German team came in second at 3.55.55)

There is a section of Brighton, England, called Kemp Town named for Thomas Read Kemp, one of England's most colorful Victorians. He spent a considerable portion of his fortune developing Brighton's famous Regency townhouses facing the sea. The Prince Regent, later George IV, obtained land and buildings from Thomas Read Kemp upon which the prince built his famous Brighton Pavilion. - John R. Kemp

One of England's most famous stain glass makers of the 19th Century was Charles Eamer Kempe (Kemp) of Ovingdean, later of Old Place, Lindfield, Sussex. There is now a Kempe Society throughout the English-speaking world that is dedicated to the preservation of his work. Charles was one of five sons of Nathaniel Kemp of Ovingdean, the family seat just east of Brighton. - John R. Kemp

That KEMP COAST, a district in Antarctica between 56 degrees and about 59 degrees East longitude, was discovered in 1833 by Peter Kemp, a British sealing captain? - Bob Young

That there is a town in Indiana that is named for the KEMP family? Kempton, Indiana - Jan

That Joseph Sargent Kemp was the inventor of the first practical manure spreader? - G.Grandfather of Joyce Roberts Brown

That there is a Kemp Blvd, Kemp Memorial Library and Lake Kemp (see below) in Wichita Falls, TX? - Tom Kemp

There is a Lake Kemp near Wichita Falls, TX named after Joseph A. Kemp. This Kemp is out of Clifton, TX. Moved to Wichita Falls in 1883, became county treasurer, established a merchantile business that supplied Indian Reservation at Fort Sill. In 1901 he organized the Lake Wichita Irrigation and Water Company. When Lake Wichita became too small for water supply, he had the Wichita River damed and this lake was named after him. He also along with C.W. Post sponsored rain-making experiments near Wichita Falls. - Allen Johannes

While in Wisconsin this past July we purchased local groceries -- Kiemp ice cream and Kemp milk - comes out of Chicago, IL; not bad ice cream. - Allen Johannes

That there is a town southeast of Dallas, TX named Kemp and that north of Silver Spring, Maryland is a town called Kemptown? - Tom Kemp

That in South Africa there is a town in the Orange Free State called Jan Kempdorp (Ian Kemptown)? - Ian Kemp

That the name Kemp is Anglo-Saxon (which means it came from the Germanic states aeons ago) and means soldier? - Marje Kemp

That George Stephen Kemp Marconi's first and main assistant? - a href="mailto:[email protected]">Tony Turtle (Anthony John), Hastings, UK

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