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As a single mother of two children, one of whom has multiple disabilities, I almost always find life challenging and unpredictable. But it is also quite adventurous and can be satisfying. The people I've met while advocating and educating are wonderful, creative, caring, and loving. My family makes things easier by providing support and reminding me what else I have to give in addition to caring for my children.

I believe that information gives us power, relieves stress, and can make us happier, healthier people. This Website exists to provide support in an informative way. The bulk of info has to do with kids who have special needs, though you'll find other issues like natural rubber latex allergy, genealogy, Attention Disorders, and more. I hope to provide the information you find helpful. Please bookmark this page to come back from time to time to see updates.

I dedicate these pages to my children, family, and friends; without them I wouldn't be nearly as strong.

Some special pages within my site:

  • Gratitude: A special thank-you to all who have touched my family's lives during hard times.
  • Special-Needs Tips: a popular place to find unique ideas for parents, caregivers, and teachers!
  • Tim's Page: my 17-year-old son's very own page, with such cute photos!
  • Zoë's Page: about my daughter, age 16, who has chronic static encephalopathy, pachygyria, hypomyelination, and is sweeter than anyone I've ever known!


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