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Who is Naz?

I've been called Naz since 1996 when first getting online and trying to decide what to call myself in a General Neurology chatroom. My daughter's middle name is Nazara, so Naz it was, but you can call me Leslie. =)

I'm 42 and have been a mother for 16 years; a single mom for 12 of those. When reminiscing takes me back, it appears as if my path was chosen beforehand, but there's no concrete way of knowing so. The college Winterim course in Fetal Development led me to write a major persuasive paper on breastfeeding, which introduced me to La Leche League International and Attachment Parenting. Then came the intellectual and progressive people with whom I chose to spend my time, and my mind opened even further.

Upon discovering Timothy had a speech delay, I was very lucky to have been well-read and prepared. Little did I know the taste of Early Intervention and therapy for him was only easing me into bigger challenges with Zoë.

In order to be a better mother, for the past two decades, I've been big into self-awareness and self-improvement. Although I wanted to help my children to become everything they were meant to be, the ironic lesson learned was I had to heal myself first. The tools I've used are both traditional and non-traditional: Reiki, full-spectrum energy healing, journaling, image-triggered intuition, herbs, dream induction and interpretation, exercise, hiring a life coach, and meditating. I am an avid reader and study every day. I also love singing, playing guitar, being outdoors gardening, landscaping, and playing during the warmer months and enjoying new adventures.

Leslie and Zoe

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