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  I've been searching for my family's roots for a while now (see surnames below). I started on a whim, but not very seriously, until recently. Genealogy is so intriguing, not just the individual members of a family but how that family has evolved, changed, and stayed the same through the decades. It's a long and difficult process, often with missing pieces.

I started out with my own surname but quickly came to find that getting much information would be like pulling teeth. My father died when I was 6 years-old, so my knowledge of his side of the family is almost nil. Even though I'll never get my father back, I can recover his family history and get to know him this way.

My surname search has begun in Wisconsin, at least so far. Here is a list of the names I am or will be researching. Please email me if you might have a family link!

Gahagan ({Mac}Geoghegan) ~ photographs, unknown headstones




Phelps ~ photographs



Jeremiah McLaughlin ~ Please visit this site, written and designed by my 3rd cousin, Tim Mc Laughlin.

Celtic Castle ~ Loads slowly.
Ancestry.Com ~ I love this site! Found huge chunks of missing limbs of my family tree here just by using the free service. Uses Social Security Death Index and GEDCOM files from others.
Eddie Geoghegans Web World
Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry
Geoghegan Family History Site
The Irish Web Server Map
Local Names
Stones of Ireland ~ Not much to do with genealogy, but an interesting archaeological site.
Wisconsin Vital Records
Celtic Origins - Irish Genealogy on the Web

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