St. James the brother of St. Evangelist, son of Zebedee was called "The Greater" to distuinguish him from the other apostle of the same name surnamed "The Less" because he was the younger. St. James the Greater was by birth a Galilean and by trade a fisherman with his father and brother, living probably at Betsaida where St. Peter also dwelt at that time. Jesus walking by the Lake of Genesareth saw Peter and Andrew fishing, and He called them to come after Him, promising to make them fishers of men. Going a little further on the shore, He saw two brothers, James and John in a boat, with Zebedee, their father, mending their nets and He also called them; they left their nets and their father and followed Him.

       James was among those apostles who were with Jesus during the cure of Peter's mother-in-law, raising of Jairus' daughter from the dead, the glorious transfiguration of Jesus and His agony in the innermost recesses of the garden of Gethsemane. According to oriental tradition, he also made an evangelizing spirit to Spain.

       He was also the first among the apostles who had the honour to follow his Divine Master by martyrdom (beheading) which he suffered at Jerusalem under King Herod Agrippa I, who inaugurated a persecution of Christians in order to please the Jews in 44 A.D. (cf. Acts 12:1-2).

Feast: July 25

St. James the Apostle

The following parishes belong to the Vicariate of Plaridel:

St. James the Apostle Parish                
Poblacion, Plaridel                                
(044) 795-0242/670-2185

St. John the Baptist Parish                        
Poblacion, Calumpit                                
(044) 202-4327

St. Michael the Archangel Parish                
Dampol, Plaridel                                
(044) 791-9667-68

St. Ildephonse Parish                        
Poblacion, Guiguinto                                
(044) 690-2467

St. Isidore the Worker Parish                
Poblacion, Pulilan                                
(044) 676-1294/910-1233

St. Mark the Evangelist Parish                
San Marcos, Calumpit
(044) 675-0151

St. Rita of Cascia Parish                        
Sta. Rita, Guiguinto                                
(044) 794-0596

Our Lady of Miraculous Virgin Parish        
Balatong Pulilan                                

San Nicolas de Tolentino                        
Bintog, Plaridel

Holy Family Quasi-Parish                        
Violeta Vill., Guiguinto

Fr. Anacleto Ignacio
Fr. Leopoldo Evangelista

Msgr. Manuel Villaroman
Fr. Arnel Camacho

Fr. Gregorio Dazo

Fr. Flormonico Cadiz
Msgr. Roman Nocon

Fr. Leocadio de Jesus II
Fr. Danielito Santos

Fr. Jose Arturo Batac

Fr. Dario Cabral
Fr. Sonny de Armas

Fr.  Roberto Mariano

Fr. Lazaro Benidictos

Fr. Jimmy Palaganas

Basilica Minore, Diocese of Malolos
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