Born at Tagaste, a small town of Numidia in North Africa on November 13, 354, St. Augustine inspired many because of his wisdom and courage in defending the faith of the Church. His father, Patricius, was an idolater and of a violent position but through the example and prudent conduct of St. Monica, his wife, he was baptized a little before his death. As a child, Monica had instructed Augustine in the Christian religion and taught him to pray. In his early years, in his pursuit of the truth about the existence of evil, he fell into the error of the Manichees who sought to solve the problem of evil by teaching a metaphysical and religious dualism. In such discipline, a belief in two eternal principles developed, God, the cause of all good and matter, the cause of evil. In his dialogue with their Manichean leader, he was bewildered casting more doubt in him and driving him to find other answers to his question about evil.

St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo

               But on one occasion, he found a book of St. Paul's epistles lying on the table and also a book of St. Anthony's life. A teacher, Pontitian, spoke of how St. Anthony's life encouraged other young men to follow a certain path of truth taught by Christ. Not long after Pontitian left, he got up immediately and went into the garden torn between chastity and the seductive memory of his former sins. Going alone further into the garden, he threw himself under a tree cryig out, "How long, O Lord? Wilt thou be angry forever? Remember not my past iniquities!" And as he continued to speak, a voice called him saying, "Take up and read! Take up and read!" He found St. Paul epistles and read the word on which he first cast his eyes: "Not in rioting and drunkenness; not in chambering and impurities; not in contention and envy; but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provisions for the flesh in its desires." St. Ambrose on Easter- eve in 387 baptized him at once accompanied by his mother, St. Monica, who rejoiced and praised God. He became a priest, then a bishop and became a staunch defender of the faith.

Feast: August 28
The following parishes belong to the Vicariate of Baliuag:

St. Augustine Parish                        

Virgen de las Flores Quasi-Parish        
Virgen de las Flores, Baliuag

Sta. Monica Parish                        
Poblacion, Angat                        

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish        
Makinabang, Baliuag

Sagrada Familia Parish                
Tangos, Baliuag

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish        
Sabang Baliuag

Sto. Nino Parish                        

San Isidro Labrador Parish                
Liciada, Bustos

St. Paul the Apostle Parish                
Niugan, Angat

St. John of God Parish                
Poblacion, San Rafael                        
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Nstra. Sra. De Lourdes Parish        
DRT, Angat                                

Sto. Cristo Parish                        
Caingin, San Rafael

Sta. Rita of Cascia Quasi-Parish        
Binagbag, Angat
Virgen delas Flores Parish                
Virgen delas Flores, Baliuag                

Sto. Cristo Quasi-Parish                
Sto. Cristo, Pulilan

Msgr. Enrico Santos
Fr. Ariel Robles
Fr. Nilo Edgardo Balase

Fr. Ronaldo Ortega

Fr. Virgilio Cruz
Fr. Eric Bagay

Fr. Walderedo Castillo

Fr. Jesus Cruz

Fr. Ibarra Mercado

Fr. Adalberto Vergara
Fr. Manuel Anastacio

Fr. Federico Ramos III

Fr. Reynaldo Rivera

Fr. Jose Dennis Espejo
Fr. Melchor Ignacio

Fr. Edgardo de Jesus
Fr. Joshua Panganiban

Fr. Norberto Gagui

Fr. Francis Carson

Fr. Rolando Ortega

Fr. Rolando Atienza, Jr.

Basilica Minore, Diocese of Malolos
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