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Conference Papers

Gender Issues/Concerns

'We're here because we're here...': speaking African womanism Yvette Abrahams

Shifting boundaries of oppression: women and difference in African literature Anna Poshai

Reluctant Blackness and 'whole new loneliness' in Rayda Jacobs' The middle road: a womanist critique Pumla Gqola

Constructing lives: Black South African women and biography under apartheid Desiree Lewis

‘Branches of the same tree’: Insights into culture gender and the TRC Judy Clark 

Mediating difference: Politics of representation. Antjie Krog’s chronicling of women … in ‘Country of my Skull’ Jo-Anne Prins

Voices of the ‘nation’ and voices of ‘loss’: the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and women’s testimonies N. Motsemme

Racial subjectivity and gender activism among Black women Cheryl De la Rey & F. Boonzaier

Discourses of culture in students’ talk on heterosexTammy Shefer

Historical Perspectives

'Of top hats and cannibals' Alan Kirkaldy

Dance, ethnic differences and oppression: instruments of labour and social control at the Messina Copper Mines Felix Malunga

The regime of terror, fists, sjamboks and the gun Rashidi Molapo

The culture of protest among black workers on the Witwatersrand: 1941-1947 N.T. Mahosi

'Listen here, just because YOU think I'm a coloured ...': Responses to the construction of difference in racist discourses Norman Duncan

Cultural identity and Difference in South African poetry Mashudu Mashige

Contemporary Issues/Concerns

Regarding relationships around race Kopano Ratele

Black artist, white critic. Political mindscapes of otherness’ Godfried Dederen 

The many faces of racism: emerging identities amongst youth in post-apartheid South Africa Garth Stevens

South Africa in a state of transition: a study of the impact of cultural diversity on nation building Samuel Kiguwa

Religion, difference and human rights Murray Hofmeyr

Many languages, different cultures: effects of linguicism in a changing society Goantobale Nodoba

Ethnicity: African colonial heritage or ethnic and political manipulation? Sandile Schalk

Keynote Address: Training in academic conventions: our role as public intellectuals Ms Sheila Tyeku

Africentric approaches to tertiary education in South Africa Playi Khusi

‘Cursed desires’: Insights into homosexuality in the African cultural context L. Makhaba

Race, culture and mental illness. Tendani Ramulongo

Afrocentrism and Afrocentric Social Work Dumisani Thabede

Struggling for survival in a multi-cultural society: an Afrocentric perspective N. Manona

Legislating against discrimination to found equality Z. N. Jobodwana

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