Knowledge is Precious


  • Each participant presents his/her chapter, using the following guidelines:
  • What are the objectives of my chapter?
  • How did I endeavour to meet these objectives?
  • How successful was I in meeting these objectives?
  • Each participant will study all the contributions in the theme to which his/her chapter has been allocated – for the purpose of contributing to the evaluation of the chapters (evaluation to be presented in the plenary discussions).
  • A member of the Editorial Collective will take responsibility for the discussion of each of the conference themes. They will introduce the discussion with a short evaluative summary of the ensemble of contributions in the theme.
  • Historical perspectives: A. Kirkaldy & M. Hofmeyr
  • Contemporary concerns: F. Malunga & Playe Khusi (Part I); N. Duncan & J. Clark (Part II)
  • Women’s issues: A. Poshai & T. Shefer


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