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Paulo Santos Mira                     Post office Box 603           2846-909 Paivas  AMORA  PORTUGAL-Europe


Amateurs driving past my station stop their car and inquire what kind of "monster antenna"

is on the top of the tower. If you saw the beam (Force C14XL), you would also wonder why

it's so big. To many anwsers for technician and non technicians. The simple anwser is this antenna don't have traps to reduce dimensions, that's why!  The idea was a sucess for many other specially for those who think the performence is better. 


This is my station For a company, list all the stuff that your company does here. Be very
specific because you can make pages as long as you want. The more you
put here, the less customer service and support calls you'll get. Put
the most common asked questions on your FAQ page, too!For an individual, you may need this page for any home-based business
stuff you do. Again, be very specific!

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