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Paulo Santos Mira                     Post office Box 603            2846-909 Paivas  AMORA  PORTUGAL-Europe

Amateurs driving past my station stop their car and inquire what kind of "monster antenna"

is on the top of the tower. If you saw the beam (Force C14XL), you would also wonder why

it's so big. To many anwsers for technician and non technicians. The simple anwser is this antenna don't have traps to reduce dimensions, that's why. The idea was a sucess for many other specially for those who think the performence is better.   For any request about my QTH , Amateur radioin Portugal  and Tourism you ca or change QSL Card pyou can use the Portuguese QSL Bureau. but if you prefer to send QSL card Direct, kindly forward your QSL with SAE (Selef Adressed Envelop) with a IRC international Coupon REplythis page to put common email address & phone numbers.
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