Irish Transmitter Gallery. These pictures are mostly from the south of the country, but we now have some pictures from the Midlands

Three of RedFM's transmitter sites (radio station covering Cork City and County). Sites at Hollyhill (watertower) (106.1), Nagle Mts. (105.7), old Fermoy fill-in site (105.4)

Midlands Radio 3 fill-in transmitter sites As well as a main transmitter on 103.5 in the Slieve Bloom Mountains, Midlands Radio has a number of smaller transmitters, two of which are pictured here
RTE FM relay for Athlone town in County Westmeath. Located on mast at RTE's complex in the town. Transmits Radio 1 on 89.9 and 2FM on 92.1
RTE's Tullamore m.w. transmitter, these pictures taken August 2002. This transmitter was introduced in 1975 broadcasting RTE Radio on 566kHz (moved slightly to 567kHz when the MW band was rearranged in the late 1970s)
--Cork 96FM/103FM Hollyhill site (distant view) (Cork 96FM on 96.4MHz, and since January 1999 also transmits 103FM County Sound on 102.6MHz) A self supporting tower, said to be 160+ feet high. (Historical info: this mast had also broadcast the pirate ERI on AM/FM from 1986-1988 and Century Radio on 1143kHz AM, 1989-1991. A 'slant wire shunt feed' arrangement was used to feed mast for AM Medium Wave)
Hollyhill mast cont. (close up of FM dipoles on top of mast) The 1.4GHz STL dish to 96FM's studio can also be seen, old UHF STL antennas can be seen also
Hollyhill mast (cont.), Upper part of mast.
Closeup of 1.4GHz dish lower down on mast at Hollyhill for linking on to the North Co. Cork transmitter at Mt Hillary (96.1MHz) via a link repeater at Bweeng Mt.
Pictures (taken Feb 2002) of the relay transmitter serving the towns of Mitchelstown and Fermoy which transmits 103FM County Sound on 102.9 MHz and 96FM on 95.6MHz

Cork RTE AM/Mediumwave site for RTE Radio 1 on 729kHz From 1982 up until 12 April 2004 this mast also broadcast RTE 2FM on 1278kHz. A distant view of the mast + staywires of this site which is situated in the Mahon/Blackrock area of the city. This transmitter site was introduced in 1970 when it replaced a smaller transmitter in the grounds of the old Gaol in the Sundays Well area of the city (which had been in use for mediumwave transmission since 1927)
Cork RTE AM/MW site cont.- Shows base of mast, surrounded by a wall
Cork RTE AM (Aug 2000) Shows section of mast
Cork RTE AM site (large file) The transmitter building, and the mobile phone antenna within the grounds
Cork RTE AM mast base (large file) Site's fencing, and base of mast can be seen
Cork RTE AM site cont. The small mobile phone mast and another small mast with VHF yagis within the site can be seen

RTE mast in Fermoy Co. Cork RTE's Fermoy TV (UHF) and FM radio relay to service the town. (this site originally used a tall wooden pole and was on VHF Band 3 for RTE TV before being upgraded in the late 1990s)
RTE mast in Fermoy Co. Cork
RTE mast in Bandon Co. Cork RTE's Bandon TV (UHF) to service the town
Mt Gabriel (1st) Mt Gabriel (2nd) Mt Gabriel (3rd) Mount Gabriel IAA station, near Schull, West Cork which hosts an RTE UHF TV relay
RTE TV relay serving Blarney Co. Cork the mast also very much in use by mobile phone providers
RTE TV relay on Killeagh Garda Mast small RTE TV relay and Esat Digifone antennae, Killeagh Co.Cork
Small RTE TV relay for southside of Youghal town pictured Aug 2000 Was in existence since 1987. The structure pictured here has since been replaced by a mast so as to share with mobile phone base station

CRY - Community Radio Youghal then 105.1FM (now 107.2) transmitter site (Aug 2000) At top of Youghal Watertower a 'folded dipole' is used for CRY, also to be seen is a low-VHF yagi for the firebrigade's radio system. RedFM also moved onto this site with a relay for the Youghal area on 105.1MHz when it launched in 2002.
Scene from the old pirate C.R.Y.'s AM site (Aug 2000) This was the end support of a 'long wire' MediumWave antenna, (as can be seen the storms had since taken their toll on the steel pole!), situated at Knockaverry, Youghal.
Photos of Irish Multichannel MMDS site, + other nearby masts (south of Cork City)
Photos of RTE Spur Hill TX site (Located to the South West of Cork City) (mast pictured here since been replaced by a new mast)
RTE Mullaghanish The main site for the south and south-west
103 FM County Sound at Mt Hillary, north Co. Cork,
Wired FM Limerick college station Wired FM's main transmission site at Castletroy Watertower. It has been on 106.8MHz from here but due a new frequency (mid 2006)
Cork Campus Radio 97.4FM Cork college station Cork Campus Radio 97.4FM's transmission site on top of the Science Building at University College Cork
RTE and WLR sites in west Co. Waterford
Pictures of one (of the 2) TV 'deflector' sites on Comeragh Mts, Co.Waterford
South Coast Community TV major site near Carrigaline
Crosshaven (Co.Cork) RTE site Also used for mobile phone base stations & MMDS 'beambender'

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