Transmitter Gallery - Mt. Hillary, Co. Cork

ABOVE LEFT: Mt. Hillary mast (transmits County Sound 103 on 103.7MHz, '96FM' later switched on (on 31-12-1998) on 96.1 MHz, Also transmit antenna of MMDS relay ('beambender') can be seen on right hand side of mast. Site located about 8 miles west of Mallow town. Mountain Height: 391m ASL
MIDDLE: The Mount Hillary County Sound on 103.7MHz (sister station '96FM' later introduced from this site on 96.1MHz) mast in background. Part of what was a short-lived TV 'deflector' system in foreground.
RIGHT: The storm damaged (during Christmas 1997) mast of County Sound 103.7MHz lying on the ground before it was taken away. During the storm the mast 'folded over' about two-thirds up the mast (twisted metal - could not be repaired so whole mast was replaced). This mast used an array of two bays of slant polarised dipoles, a different aerial system to that in use now which accommodates two arrays of stacked vertically polarised four dipoles. Notice in background the rocky road joining forestry road to site.
The above 3 pictures taken late 1998

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