Transmitter Gallery: broadcasting sites in west Co. Waterford


WLR-FM transmitter site at Faha near Dungarvan (95.1MHz) the above 4 pictures are dated November 1998. Site height: 767 feet/233 metres A.S.L.
WLR on 95.1MHz FM transmitted from two dipoles mounted on pole at top. The FM folded dipole low on mast would be a backup.
This site will also be used for Beat FM to be introduced during 2003.
Notice the ham radio repeater antenna on WLR's building. Mast also has Esat Digifone (now 'O2') antennas. Esat Digifone has a separate equipment building - at edge of the top left photo (this building is white). Two Digifone link antennas can clearly be seen.

RTE transmitter near Dungarvan
RTE Dungarvan site A few miles more inland of the WLR site pictured above an RTE TV and FM radio relay site is to be found. This picture is that of the RTE FM radio and TV relay site at Ballintaylor Upper, near Dungarvan (after installation of new replacement mast), also mobile phone antennae on mast. At the time picture was taken TnaG (TG4) was transmitted on Ch63 UHF, and RTE1/Net2 used VHF. RTE 1 and Net 2 have since moved to UHF CHs 53 and 57 Horizontal. The various receive antennae can also be seen on mast. Site height 838 feet A.S.L. The site was introduced in the 1960s for TV with RTE FM radio added in the early 1990s. The FM frequencies from here are RTE Radio 1 on 88.5, 2FM on 90.7, RnaG on 92.9, Today FM on 100.3, Lyric FM on the unusual frequency of 102.2 (picture dated early 1999)
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