Transmitter Gallery - Mullaghanish

LEFT: RTE Mullaghanish mast pictured from mountain road. This site broadcasts the 5 national FM radio stations (Radio 1 on 90.0, 2FM on 92.2, RnaG on 94.4, Lyric on 99.6, Today FM on 101.8 MHz) and 4 national TV stations (RTE1 on D, Net2 on G, TV3 on 27, TG4 on 31) to the south and south-west of Ireland, the main transmitter of Radio Kerry (97.0 MHz) and other non-media uses. The site was brought into use for television in 1963. Mullaghanish mountain is 649 metres (2133 feet) high on the border between counties Cork and Kerry. The nearest village is Ballyvourney.
RIGHT: View of base of RTE Mullaghanish mast (various microwave links). Notice the ham radio repeater (2 metre band) antenna (145.750 MHz output) on it's own pole to the right. Too cloudy to take photos of higher sections of mast on day in question. These 2 pictures are dated 1999.

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