Transmitter Gallery, Cork MMDS site

The above are photos of the main MMDS TV site (belonging to 'Chorus', formerly 'Irish Mutichannel' and 'Cork Mulitchannel') for the greater Cork area situated at the townland of Curraconway (about 1 mile east of Cork Airport). This MMDS facility was the first to be commissioned in Co.Cork when it was brought into service during 1992. The large 'radomes' are point-to-point links with other MMDS sites. The two vertical 'white pipes' on top are the actual omni-directional MMDS transmit aerials, one is for the original analogue system, the other for the new digital service. The red blinking aeronautical safety light can also be seen. This mast, and the other nearby ones are not particularly tall, owing to the close proximity of Cork Airport, less than one mile to the west of this site. Backed up by numerous relay devices, commonly termed 'Beambenders' an area of up to a 20-25 mile radius is said to be covered from this mast. 'Beambenders' operate by retransmitting MMDS signals, usually without a change of frequencies, but using opposite polarisation, aimed into reception blackspot areas. In the Co. Cork/West Co. Waterford MMDS franchise area, Irish Multichannel also have main MMDS transmitters at Nowen Hill (serving West Cork), Ballyhoura Mountains (North Cork), Carronadavderg, (West Waterford, parts of East Cork).

BELOW: Chorus Multichannel's Cork MMDS and the surrounding masts


The above is another communication mast on a site adjoining the MMDS one, this mast possibly belonging to the Electricity Supply Board. Below is another mast (Eircom?) near Cork MMDS one.

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