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Founded 1904

Founder 创办人

Badge 校徽

Motto 校训 

Anthem 校歌

Kongzi 孔子


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校徽 Badge

In Chinese, the word `Zhong` as the centre

  • Shows :  Chung Hwa School is an educational centre with continuous "Tionghua" culture until today. Blending Eastern and Western culture and making changes from time to time.

Rhombus shape symbolizes the body

  • Acts :  Obeying with courtesy and discipline. Always ready to learn. Acquiring knowledge together with the teachers and peers.

Shining lights in the surrounding

  • Symbolizes : The light of education that shines brightly in all directions. Respect, sincere, diligence and conserve are the school motto.

3 colours of the school badge ( white, blue and yellow )

  • Shows : White colour symbolizes morality. Blue symbolizes intelligence and creativity. Yellow symbolizes health. In order to achieve these values, morality, intelligence, creativity and health are emphasized in the school's education.

















Home | History | Founder | Badge | Motto | Anthem | Kongzi

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