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DESTRUCTION: the cult thrash band !!!


CULT OF FIRE: very obscure web magazine in Spanish and English


METALGOSPEL: web magazine in English, great site !!!


AVULSED: Spain’s most brutal band


OZ PRODUCTIONS: Label and mailorder


XTREEM MUSIC: web magazine, designers and mail order. Great !!!


TOMBSTONE: excellent greek metal site !!!


TARTAREAN DESIRE: very good metal web magazine


THE ART RECORDS: record label and mail order


DILEMMA: show promoters and mailorder


METAL REALMS: great printed mag in Spanish and mailorder


THE LSP COMPANY: record label


SADISTIC INTENT: killer band, label and mailorder




The new album:



“Saga Bélica”


Out NOW !!!


On OZ Records




CENOTAPH: A monument to death, a coffin without corpse. A reminder of our final destination. METAL THE HATEFUL WAY.


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