“It was back then in the late ’80´s when a couple of disciples of the metal ways, all of them followers of the sign of heavy metal decided that they wanted to form a band...it was the days when wearing an “Ozzy” or a “Maiden”  T-shirt was more than enough to be marked as an outcast...but they didn’t care. It was then, that it all started, with the ideas on the air, no money, and no musical knowledge. The hard fucking way. One day, after saving enough to buy some equipment, it was all decided, they will gather to form a band, but not just a heavy metal band. They wanted it faster, heavier, darker. And then it was born. They choose Damned Cross as their first name. Even before proper rehearsals started they had line-up changes. It was simple: to be a real metalhead or get out of the way. At the end, after finally learning how to turn “on” their instruments, it was slowly taking form. The first live shows soon were upfront.  A rehearsal was recorded, to spread the name. Slowly, yet unstoppable, the force was growing. Here it all really starts. They decided to choose a name more related with their deadly music.  And the true and only CENOTAPH was born, to play what came directly from their obscure hearts: DEATH METAL. And until now, it has, it won’t, it will never change. To be true to oneself. To praise death. That’s humanity final destination. And CENOTAPH’s music will be the reminder to those weak and false. 

One day they decided to record a proper demo in early 1989 titled “Rise of the Excruciation”.  With a very low budget in the  studio, still with many mistakes in the performance, it was their beginning into the realms of extreme music. Back then, they decided to play in a style in which they mixed brutal death metal with grind rhythms and used gore lyrics. Back then it was bands like SLAYER, CARCASS, BLACK SABATTH, GRAVE or XYSMA that were among the band members faves. Soon they started to become more serious in the rehearsals, and the live shows were more often. The name was soon known not only in Mexico, but also abroad. Then their lives were soon forming around the music, the band, the attitude. They knew that it was a challenge which only the strong will survive. Changes will surely occur as part of an evolution. But the main idea, the main core remains. Among a few proud others, CENOTAPH stands still.  That which is DEATH shall always remain. The first part was completed. Now THE RITES are to follow. And they will never cease, as long as death is among us. To always be a part of the EVERLASTING METAL COMMAND.”





Current line-up:


Oscar Clorio: Drums

Fernando Garcilazo: Bass

Edgardo Gonzalez: Vocals

Samuel Ocadiz: Guitars

Eduardo Guevara: Guitars


Past Members (including session and helping members):


Julio Viterbo: Guitars (now in THE CHASM)

César Sánchez: Guitars

Iván Velazquez: Vocals (UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS)

Ayú Dávalos: Vocals (SOULLESS DOMAIN)

Roberto Valle: Bass, Vocals

Guillermo Hérnadez: Guitars

Daniel Corchado: Bass, Guitars, Vocals (now in THE CHASM)

Rodolfo: Bass

Gustavo: Guitars

Roger: Guitars





The new album:



“Saga Bélica”


Out NOW !!!


On OZ Records








CENOTAPH: A monument to death, a coffin without corpse. A reminder of our final destination. METAL THE HATEFUL WAY.


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