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  • It is official CENOTAPH is over. Oscar, the only original member decided that he was tired of all the bullshit, and it was no longer interested in playing. He still loves metal and the other members will surely continue in other projects, but to understand more, you better get “Saga Bélica”. Anyway, we will be updating this site once in a while. The war is not over…
  • The new album is out!!! It was recorded in Germany by Harris Johns (producer of many bands in the golden years of thrash metal SODOM, KREATOR, etc.) Probably their best work. But also probably…




“…Imagine what happens when you are all fed up with the bullshit of today’s so-called underground metal music scene. Where envy, hypocrisy and business has done all the damage that can be done. You have two options: do nothing, or fight your own little war. And that last option is what CENOTAPH has done on this disc. This 8 song metal warfare is rooted in their vein of death metal they were used to in the last 2 albums (somewhere between AT THE GATES and a heavier DARK TRANQUILLITY), BUT now it is also heavily influenced by the old bands like DESTRUCTION and SLAYER and with a spicy of their early style of death metal (the Swedish style ala CARNAGE, GOD MACABRE). Mix it all up, and don’t give a fuck about the world. That’s “Saga Bélica” (“War Saga” in English). No, the songs are all in English it is just the title in Spanish. From the opener riff of “Iron peaks and fists” to the incredible “Necrommandments” (in which they pay homage to all forms of death metal) this disc will put on shame thousands others, not only for a killer and raw recording (done in Germany by cult producer Harris Johns) or their great playing skills, but for the attitude that is more likely to be found in a vinyl than on this digital attack. This is the fury, this is an act of rebellion. This is probably one of the best recordings in long time. I’ve heard the band will stop activities after this one. If to die with pride is a sign, these fuckers are heroes.”


Review by JN “Commander” a fan and supporter of metal for almost 20 years.


  • Well, OK, again I give a new look to the site. Hopefully this will be up-dated in a more regular basis and not every year as now.
  • The CENOTAPH line-up right now is: Oscar Clorio (drums), Fernando Garcilazo (bass), Edgardo Gonzalez (vocals), Samuel Ocadiz (guitars), Eduardo Guevara (guitars). Although Fernando did not recorded the album.
  • The early recordings, mainly their demo “Rise of the excruciation” is already out on CD. A real collectors item!!!
  • By the way after the recording of the album, CENOTAPH performed a few shows in Germany.
  • The BLOODREAPING CD has been out for a while. This is a project formed by Eduardo and Antimo from DISGORGE / RAVAGER. The title is “Feasting the weak”. It is a brutal slab of gory and satanic influenced death metal. Out on Emerald City Records.





The new album:



“Saga Bélica”


Out NOW !!!


On OZ Records









“Feasting the weak”


CENOTAPH: A monument to death, a coffin without corpse. A reminder of our final destination. METAL THE HATEFUL WAY.


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