“…and so it was time for their first deadly strike. From their (rotten) hearts they had this sound in mind. Taking it’s arsenal and found a way through a low budget recording pit. Nevertheless they succeed in creating a heavy, bass filled, grinding death metal disc, where tales about the carnage, the sickness and what it is disgust were to be found. Their logo was a sign of their music back then. At that time they were the answer to those deep death metal bands coming from Europe yet with a touch of American brutal death metal. The first invasion of 1,000 copies was soon spread like a raging disease. More of these discs were needed. It was received and praised worldwide for it’s heaviness and brutality, yet it was from a young battalion going in the right way to victory. One of these songs was used in the infamous “Appointment with fear vol. I” released by Cyber Records from Holland. Extensive live appearances were made, and the promotion through mail was going strong. The first rite was complete.”

Track listing: 
Side A - Repulsive Odor of decomposition

Side B - Larvs of subconscious 



“…They had succeeded in their first rite. While the first 7” was released in a local label, for their second attack, many labels approached with interest. Finally they decided for Baphomet Records from the USA. Now  with more experience, and having improved in the performance, they were ready to conquer again. First, they had a change in a member. They welcomed Cesar as the new axeman. Also changed a bit the logo for this release. And although they were still interested in the repulsive arts, soon they were dealing more and more with the mind and how twisted it can turn. The sound was still violent and heavy, yet more mature and obscure than ever. This limited disc, edited in red-blood vinyl, was released in 1991, and expanded the music far beyond what has been done before by them. With more live shows, now even supporting some bands like DARK ANGEL and DEATH, they gained even more experience than ever. The line-up was getting stronger and they all had the same vision, to totally devastate with extreme and mayhemic death metal. The second rite was complete”

Track listing:

Side A – Dissection

Side B – Tenebrous Apparitions



“…soon they were on the sight of everyone really involved within the extreme music world. Back on those days, CENOTAPH was among THE MOST brutal and heaviest bands of the world. They were offered to appear in an international compilation, by the German label M.B.R. Records (responsible for discovering bands like GRAVE). A single look at the bands that appears in this compilation is just a glimpse of what CENOTAPH was up to at the time. They recorded a new song at the time for this record. Again choosing the same recording studio they used before. The final production was not as what they were looking for. Nevertheless they created a sound of heaviness and brutality very few dare. If you have been following extreme music the last 10 years you must recognize many of the bands in this compilation. Many of them were signed after the release of this compilation. Some have disappeared, others changed their style. The only one of these bunch still raging up to these days is the proudest of them all: CENOTAPH. The third rite was complete.”


God Macabre, Malediction, Rottrevore, Disembowelment, Cadaver, Crematory, Pan-Thy-Monium, Cenotaph, Hydr Hydr, Therion

                 Cenotaph song: Evoked Doom



“…It came the real time. The time for the first full – length recording. Now, chosen was a different studio, with a different producer. A local label offered the deal. Now, the lyrics, concept, and even logo was changing. The gore lyrics were left behind in favor of more complex writings of emotions and the universe that a mind can be. Yet, the music was fast, furious and extreme. While the overall sound was professional, it could have been improved, but the fans of really extreme metal praised it as one of the heaviest, deepest death metal records of the era. Now, CENOTAPH was without doubt one of the best musical exports ever to come out of this lands. Their live shows were also acclaimed as been tight, extreme and professional. They shared stages with bands like CARCASS, INCANTATION and AUTOPSY to name a few. They received airplay and great reviews all over. At this time, they had a somewhat “cult” status among the die-hard extreme death metal fans around the world. And this was only a taster of the great things to come. The fourth rite was complete.”

Track Listing:

1 -Requiem for a soul request     6 -The spiritless one

2 -Ashes in the rain                    7 -Infinite Meditation of an uncertain

3 -…A red sky                                existance

4 -Evoked Doom                         8 -In the cosmic solitude

5 -Tenebrous apparitions            9 -Repulsive odor of decomposition




“...the evolution. Soon Guillermo left, after many years of battling together. Daniel switched from bass to guitars, still handling vocals. They went on through looking for  a bass player until Fernando came to fill the place. They did a couple of shows with this line-up, until one day, Daniel decided to part ways to follow a different path. They soon found Edgardo, the new vocalist who was more high-pitched, but also capable of low growls, and proved a versatile player. The music was now more mature, creating more dark and somber melodies, which was more in the European vein of metal of death. After few shows as a four piece, and old friend, Julio from the band SHUB NIGGURATH which by that time was on hold, was offered the slot. He added a whole new dimension to the band. They recorded a promo in one night of beer and metal, thus creating their new sound. After intense rehearsing it was all decided: they will go to record their next album, and later search for a label. They went to a different, better studio. The result is the now cult release “Riding our black oceans”. Later released by the rip-off label Cyber Music from Holland, and a few years later, re-mixed and re-released by Oz Records. Their live shows now were a totally devastating experience. Five metal-warriors dressed in leather and spikes (long before it became a trend), exposing the  souls of the audience to a mature death metal. The fifth rite was complete.”

Track Listing:

1 -The Solitudes                             6 -Infinitum Valet

2 –Severance                                 7 -The Silence of our Black Oceans

3 -Grief to Oscuro                           8 -Soul Profundis

4 -Macabre Locus Celesta                9 -Ectasia Tenebrae

5 -Among the Abrupt




“…This is the statement of CENOTAPH’s force. The third album, recorded with the same line-up as the last one, with the same style of epic, furious death metal. This new opus, shows the band at the most mature stage, proving their status as one of the best extreme metal bands. The songwriting, while melodic, is yet full of power and hatred. They did many tours around the country, supported SLAYER in their presentation in Mexico. Their live shows crossed boundaries, with tours in Central and South America. During a while Edgardo, left the band due to personal reasons, and a couple of friends filled the spot for the shows that the band had. They were invited to do a show in Chicago where their former member Daniel (THE CHASM) played as a guest in vocals, and while in there, they decided to try to relocate. They continued to rehearse, but Cesar decided to return to Mexico. They were looking for a vocalist and another guitar player, and long-time friend Roberto filled there for both duties at their show in the Milwaukee Metal Fest. Soon Roberto decided to leave the band. Band founder Oscar then decided to return to Mexico, while Fernando followed soon after. For a while, Oscar decided to stay on hold. To keep active he decided to participate with THE SUFFERING. He was also invited to do drums in SOULS IN FIRE (with members of AGONY LORDS and DIES IRAE) a more traditional heavy metal band. But soon, the sign of the CENOTAPH was calling. The sixth rite was complete. But it is not the end…”


Track Listing:

1 –Intro                              6 -As the Darkness Borns

2 -Crying Frost                    7 -Angered Tongues

3 -Lorn Ends                       8 -Epic Rites

4 -Navegate                        9 -Dethroned Empire      

5 -Toward The Umbra        10 -Thorns of fog (Bonus track CD only)     






Format:  7" e.p. vynil

Label:  Distorted Harmony Records, 1990







Format: 7" e.p. vinyl

Label: Baphomet Records, 1991





PANTALGIA: An International Death Metal Compilation



Format: CD/LP

Label: Mangled Beyond Recognition Records, 1992







Format: CD / Tape

Label: Horus Records, 1992

Oz Records, 1999









Format: CD / Tape

Label: Cyber Music, 1994 Oz Productions, 1999


Special Limited edition contains 2 CD’s, including a live recording











Format: CD / Tape

Label: Oz Productions, 1996





CENOTAPH: A monument to death, a coffin without corpse. A reminder of our final destination. METAL THE HATEFUL WAY.


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