S H U B   N I G G U R A T H :


“The painful creature of a thousand goats”




That have invoked the name of my seal,

Seal that has been involved in blasphemy

Against flesh, against degradation

And against humanity…



“Unknown Adorer” 7” vinyl

Erosionable Records 1991





Blasphemies of Netherworld” 7” vinyl

Distorted Harmony Records 1992




“Evilness and Darkness Prevails”

CD/LP - Guttural Records 1994




“The Kinglike Celebration”

CD/KCT - Oz Productions 1997

This horrid creature, which dwells into nightmares have been existing before time itself, but upon this dimension it was in late 1989 that the conjuration was consumed. Taking shape by some members of TORMENTOR and DEMOGORGON, this creature first started to invoke chants in early 1990. With the stable line-up of Arturo (vocals), Eduardo (bass), Julio (guitars) and Paco (drums) they released their first official demo “Horror Creatures” which gained them notoriety in the local and international scene. Soon they added another member as Eduardo switched to guitars and a new Eduardo was the new demon on the bass. They released their first vinyl attack in the 7” e.p. “Unknown adorer”. Their music was a brutal attack of satanic death/black metal influenced in the bands all these demons praised: VENOM, MAYHEM,  MERCYFUL FATE, CELTIC FROST, MORBID ANGEL among others. Soon their devilish live appearances were followed with a cult status. Later they decided to release a new 7” e.p. of transcosmic litanies with “Blasphemies of Nether World”. So far, their releases lacked a powerful sound, but that also made them more mystic and raw. The SHUB NIGGURATH horde was growing and spreading their evil sounds with many live presentations and praised in many parts for their malicious sound. Soon after, and due to personal problems one of their guitar players, Eduardo decided to leave. Being a member since the very beginning, they decided to continue as a four piece as no one capable enough filled the spot. It is then that they decided to record a mini album in 1994 titled “Evilness and Darkness Prevails” with a better production and a more mature sound, this recording spread more their cult following. Due to circumstances out of their power, soon there was only Arturo and Julio left with the great beast. One day, Julio was approached by long time friend Oscar from CENOTAPH in a time where they needed a guitar player. Knowing their music and liking their style, Julio accepted and became a full time member of CENOTAPH. Meanwhile lead blasphemer Arturo, was pursuing to create some projects to continue with his hunger for evil mayhemic sounds in bands like ANCIENT AEON. But much to his anger, nothing really turned out as he wanted, so he decided to stand still, silently, but lurking in the shadows. It was one day that they all met at a local show that they decided to conjure again that great beast known as SHUB NIGGURATH. Oscar and Julio rehearsed together with Arturo songs that were left behind never recorded and created new ones. Finally, they recorded what is for now, the last incantation “The Kinglike Celebration (final aeon on earth)” in 1997. Now the beast stands still. It is there and it’s rage one day will be summoned to create chaos through dimensions of the Legions from Absu, so beware of the great beast for it is just sleeping…







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