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The Southern African Missiological Society

The Southern African Missiological Society was formed to further the study of and research into Christian mission and related topics in Southern Africa. The Society holds an annual conference in January, at which papers on missiological topics are read. The Society also publishes the journal Missionalia, which contains articles, book reviews, and abstracts from a wide range of missiological journals.

SAMS has a new web site

Since August 2007 SAMS has had a new web site at Please go there to see the latest news and information about SAMS. The material on this site will be retained to preserve links and search engine listings, but, with the exception of the AIC pages and material, it will no longer be updated.
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An index of all the pages on the SAMS web site
The home page of the SAMS web site
About SAMS
Information about the aims and objects of SAMS and how one may become a member.
The Southern African Missiological Society publishes the journal Missionalia three times a year, with articles, reviews and abstracts dealing with Christian mission.
African Independent Churches
African Initiated Churches (AICs) are the fastest-growing Christian groups in many parts of Africa. This page gives some introductory information about them, a list of AIC researchers, and links for some articles where more information can be found.
Missological discussion forums
There are several electronic forums for discussing missiological topics. These are available both as e-mail mailing lists or as BBS echo conferences.

Links to mission-related web pages in Africa and around the world.
Making contact with SAMS
You may find more information about how to get in touch with the committee on the SAMS information page. You may use the following addresses for e-mail enquiries:

  • Administration - for information about membership, subscriptions to Missionalia, annual congress, etc.
  • Webmaster - for comments on these web pages, suggestions for links or improvements etc.

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The Society has about 200 members. Membership of the society is open to theologians who are active in research into or in the practice of Christian mission. The annual membership fee includes the subscription to the journal, Missionalia. For more information about membership, please contact the Membership Secretary, SAMS.

It is also possible to subscribe to Missionalia separately, without being a member of the society.

Making contact with the Society

The address for the Society and for all matters concerned with the journal Missionalia is:

PO Box 35704
Menlo Park
0102 South Africa

E-mail: [email protected]

Please use the above addreses in all correspondence with the Society

This is a forwarding address, and is a permanent one for SAMS, so if the officers change, or if someone is away, SAMS mail is always forwarded to someone who can deal with it. A forwarding address is also useful as a permanent e-mail address - if you move, or change your ISP, you do not need to change your e-mail address. You can also get a free forwarding address:


General Secretary

Prof Nico Botha
Department of Missiology
University of South Africa
PO Box 392
0003 South Africa
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 012-429-4567

Congress Chairperson

Dr Kalie August
Department of Practical Theology
Private Bag X1
7602 South Africa
Tel 082-412-4537
Fax: 021-808-3251

Congress Secretary

Dr Christof Sauer
PO Box 535
7407 South Africa
Tel: 021-558-7744
Fax: 021-559-7745

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Annual Conference

The 2006 Congress of SAMS will be held from 18-20 January 2006 at Stellenbosch.

The theme will be Christian-Muslim encounter in Africa.

Have a look at the Congress page to see more detailed information about the congress.

The 2000 Congress was held jointly with the conference of the International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS). There is a more detailed report on the 2000 Congress and its themes on the IAMS 2000 page.

If you would like to know how you can participate in discussions before the 2003 congress, by way of preparation, have a look at the discussion forums page, or just send an e-mail message to and you will automatically be linked to the "Missiology" discussion forum.

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