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IAMS 2000

The 2000 IAMS conference was held in South Africa, January 21 to 28, at the Hammanskraal Campus of the University of Pretoria (formerly St Peter's Seminary) about 60km north of Pretoria.

Over 200 missiologists gathered to discuss the theme "Reflecting Christ: Crucified and Living in a broken World."

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Inligting in Afrikaans
Afrikaanssprekendes sal inligting oor die IAMS 2000
konferensie in Afrikaans op hierdie blad kon kry.

The Workshop Themes were:

  • Contextual Christologies in Dialogue
  • Local Church Communities reflecting the healing and reconciling Christ
  • Reflecting Christ in Contemporary Communication and Media
  • The Crucified Christ living in the gifts of Women in Mission
  • The Church's Challenge to reflect Christ in the encounter with the nation
  • Christ Crucified and Living in the context of ethnic and racial conflict
  • Biblical Hermeneutics rediscovering the crucified and living Christ for our broken world
  • Discovering a Christian response to Modernity and Postmodernity
  • Christ and the Quests for Spiritual Fulfillment
  • Mission in the First Millennium
  • Christ Crucified and Living in displaced, dispossessed and economically burdened peoples
  • Christ Crucified and Living with Neighbours of other Faiths
  • Indigenous Churches
  • Ecology
  • New Horizons: Eschatology and Mission in the Third Millennium

For more reports on the conference

See the following Web page:

New IAMS web page

Prof Siga Arles, of Serampore, India, has also written a full report of the IAMS 2000 conference.

If you would like to discuss the conference, you may join the

MISSIOLOGY, MISSION and other discussion forums.

It doesn't matter whether you were at the conference or not. People who were there, and those who were not able to be there, are welcome to continue discussion of the IAMS themes in these conferences.

To join the main MISSIOLOGY conference, send an e-mail message to Subscribe Missiology and simply send the message.

To make it clear that one is discussing IAMS themes, I suggest that the subject lines in these conferences be preceded by "IAMS: " followed by an abbreviation of the theme, for example:

  • IAMS: 1st millennium
  • IAMS: Biblical Hermeneutics
  • IAMS: Contextual Christologies
  • IAMS: Ecology
  • IAMS: Encounter with the nation
  • IAMS: Eschatology
  • IAMS: Ethnic & racial conflict
  • IAMS: Healing and Reconciling
  • IAMS: Indigenous churches
  • IAMS: Modernity & Postmodernity
  • IAMS: Other faiths
  • IAMS: Poor
  • IAMS: Spiritual fulfilment
  • IAMS: Women in mission

Some of these themes might spill over into other appropriate conferences - for example, the "Indigenous churches" theme might also relate to the AIC conference, and the "Ethnic and racial conflict" theme might be appropriate for the PEACEMAKERS conference.


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If you need help contact:

Steve Hayes
Moderator of the MISSIOLOGY conference

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