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Mission Discussion forums

There are several electronic discussion forums related to Christian mission and missiology.

Not all these conferences are specifically missiological, and they are not necessarily endorsed by SAMS. Some of the conferences are intentionally interdisciplinary, and participation is not restricted to missiologists.

An index of all the pages on the SAMS web site
The home page of the SAMS web site
About SAMS
Information about the aims and objects of SAMS and how one may become a member.
The Southern African Missiological Society publishes the journal Missionalia three times a year, with articles, reviews and abstracts dealing with Christian mission.
African Independent Churches
African Initiated Churches (AICs) are the fastest-growing Christian groups in many parts of Africa. This page gives some introductory information about them, a list of AIC researchers, and links for some articles where more information can be found.
Missological discussion forums
There are several electronic forums for discussing missiological topics. These are available both as e-mail mailing lists or as BBS echo conferences.

Links to mission-related web pages in Africa and around the world.
Making contact with SAMS
You may find more information about how to get in touch with the committee on the SAMS information page. You may use the following addresses for e-mail enquiries:

  • Administration - for information about membership, subscriptions to Missionalia, annual congress, etc.
  • Webmaster - for comments on these web pages, suggestions for links or improvements etc.

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Please don't confuse this message board with the general discussion forums! The general discussion forums bring messages to your computer through a mailing list. But if you post a question or comment in the message board you will need to come back to the SAMS web pages to read the answers.

The following discussion forums are available:

  • African Independent Churches This forum is focused on African Christian denominations that have not had a close association with overseas missionaries, but have functioned more or less independently of them. This group of denominations are growing faster than most other Christian groups in Africa, and are therefore of considerable interest to missiologists. You do not have to be a member of an African independent church or a missiologist in order to participate in the conference, however. All that is needed is an interest in the topic.
  • Christianity and society is for general discussions of current missiology, and the relation of the Christian faith to society in general, including such issues as justice, peace, racism, gender, the environment, the portrayal of Christianity in the media, etc

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How to join

Christianity and society

For discussing Christianity and culture, missiology, art and literature, peace and justice and more.

Click here to join chris_soc
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Orthodox Christian mission and missiology

Click here to join orthmiss
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New Religious Movements

New Religious Movements are those that have arisen within the last 200 years, and inclde movements within established religions as well as those that have become separate religions. Please note that this is not a forum for polemics for or against any religious groups.

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Joining through the Familynet BBS network

If you are within reasonable calling range of a FamilyNet BBS that carries the MISSION conference, you can call the BBS to participate. This is a better way to participate.

You may try out the BBS format right now from your web browser by clicking the following link:

If it is your first call, you will need to register as a new user. When you are registered, click on "Join conferences" and wait for the list to load (it's a long list). Scroll down the list and mark the ones you want to join - FAMILY AIC, FAMILY Missiology, and so on. At the bottom of the page, click on the button to actually join the conferences. Then you will see a list of the conferences you belong to. Click on the name of any conference to read, reply or post new messages.

For more information on BBSs and how they can be used, you can check the following Web pages:

For more information, or if you have difficulty in connecting, please send e-mail to:

Bob Hoffman: [email protected]
Steve Hayes: E-mail:

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