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High Mountain
Atacama Desert

Salt and Lagoons
Copiapó Valley

Make your first 6000 m...
Nevado Tres Cruces
Nevado Incahuasi
Copiapó Volcano (6050 m)


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Circuits and Programs


II Shelter, Ojos del Salado Program:

Andes Explora Expediciones, offers Ascensions guided with program that it includes :

- Transport.
- Food.
- Guides of High Mountain.
- and common team.

Also offers information of Mountain and it processes the permission of Ascension;

- Pictures.
- Slides.
- Videos.
- Maps and Routes of Ascension.
- Complete Book Guide with map of
the Ojos del Salado Volcano.

Trekking to Laguna Verde
Maricunga Salt flats
Santa Rosa Lagoon

Volcán Doña Inés Expedition:
Reaches 5.070m/16.623 ft
High Santuary Inka.

Nevado Tres Cruces Expedition:
(6.753 m/22.140 ft) overlooking Santa Rosa lagoon.

Trip to the Copiapó Valley.

Ojos del Salado Expedition:
(6.893 m/22.600 ft) highest Active Volcano in the world.

Make your first 6000 m

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