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Cerro El Potro ( 5.853 m/  ft ) Andes Explora Expediciones:

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              Trekking the Altiplano


Laguna Verde - Laguna Santa Rosa - Salar de Maricunga


    The Cuencas and high Plains give place to lagoons and salt flats located between 3.650 m and 4.700 m, harbored in extensive alluvial deposits of quaternary time, Maricunga Salting and the Santa Rosa Lagoon is located in the "Ciénaga Redonda" plains, all these alluvial cones of moderate inclination are surrounded of five thousands and they form slope deposits.

    To the west of the border Step "San Francisco", the startling Verde Lagoon, is located in the "Negrillar" Pampa.


Trekking in Verde Lagoon: ...
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               Co. "Barrnacas Blancas" from Co."Mulas Muertas"      Co. "Laguna Verde"     Co. "Francisco"

During the Acclimatization period it can be carried out trekking in their border and to ascend progressively in the northeast hillside of the "Mulas Muertas" mountain.

The Verde lagoon is constituted of waters of turquoise color or green emerald depending on the Sun position, giving a impressive contrast with some near summits that surround it.

It possesses a thermal source in the west extreme where climbers from all over the world installs its camps for a period of two or three days to go adapting the organism to the height, it is located 4.200 meters on the level of the sea.

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Trekking in Santa Rosa Lagoon: ...
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                 Santa Rosa Lagoon      Colors in the Andes        Inca Trail

The Santa Rosa Lagoon and Maricunga Salting understands the Sector 1 of the "Tres Cruces" National Park.

The Santa Rosa Lagoon is located in the South extreme of Maricunga Salting, in the "Ciénaga Redonda" plain, it´s located to a height of 3.650 m.s.n.m., from her refuge located in the east sector, they can be carried out different activities like ecoturism, being able to observe the whole altiplánic fauna, such as Flamingos, geeses and guanacos in the bordering sector of the Lagoon and Salt flat.

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Trekking in Maricunga Salt Flat: ...
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           Santa Rosa Lagoon      Copiapó Volcano in the Desert       Maricunga Salt Flat


Maricunga Salting is the most southern in the Desert of Atacama, with a surface 128 square kilometers, in their interior a small pyramid natural called "Cerro Isla" emerges, it is located to a height of 3.791 m.

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