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Cerro El Potro ( 5.853 m/  ft ) Andes Explora Expediciones:

     . . . Exploring the Andes . . .

              Climbing & Trekking

Cerro El Potro

      Andes Explora Expediciones invites it to conquer el Cerro " El Potro "
( 5.853 m/ 19.190 ft ), the sacred mountain of the Incas.

      Tourist will be able to admire the whole valley of Copiapó with his emergent plantation during the itinerary for the river of Copayapu.

      Cerro " El Potro " is located 150 km to the south east of Copiapó in the Atacama Region. It´s a mountain not very visited during all his record inside the Mountaineering. Previously a sacred mountain was considered by our old inhabitants where carried out they spirit ceremonies toward its good, this habit until today´s day it still persists in the deepest in the villagers that inhabit the bordering high valleys making more attractive and interest to explorer.


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