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        The Atacama Desert gives us doors, thresholds that allow us to transport us toward other worlds, to travel in the time, to find wisdom and pleasure. . .Like the Surf of the sea remind us the presence of the  Moon on our world, the Volcanos, through their craters communicate the emanations from the center of the earth with the external world . . . In the night, the stars and the constellations allow us to observe a world that its waits for us that every time comes closer and we know a little more. . .Like is to be able to capture this feeling  allows to remember that we belong to something big and perfect... the harmony of the Universe...

Maricunga Salt flats Santa Rosa Lagoon

Maricunga salt flats is constituted as the south to north. Concentrating great population of Flamingos and Andean fauna.

Santa Rosa Lagoon, in some of their incredible shades of colors . . .
Ojos del Salado Volcano Andes Mountain Range
II Shelter in the Ojos del Salado Volcano, from this point we will attacks the Summit. Cord over the six thounsand meters of altitude that form the Altiplano Atacameños, limit of Chile - Argentina.  Constitute it by the Ojos del Salado, Nevado "El Muerto" and at the end the Nevado"Incahuasi"( Inca house).
Trekking in the Andes "Canaleta", Climbing aver six thounsand meters
Walking in the Andes, returning in the Ojos the Salado Volcano. In the final meters, the canaleta demands an extra effort on the part of the Climbers, because the strong wind, installation of fixed rope, and the " Puna " or " Soroche ".

Hermosa laguna color turquesa The "Verde" lagoon, with its beautiful color, gives us coat in its emanations of waters thermal product of hidrotermals locations of gold on the Andean high area. Cumbre del Volcán Ojos del Salado To obtein the summit of the Ojos del Salado Volcano is constituted in a pleased very felt like and very little goal...

The encounter with our ancestors, will give us the answers toward our future...
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