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Gravitt Gathering
Gravitt Surname Resource Center

NOTICE: Due to a computer crash, the Gravitt Mailing List has been discontinued.

Welcome to the Gravitt Gathering! This site is dedicated to genealogy research on the Gravitt surname and related variants. These pages contain information on several family lines, including family group sheets, modified descendant charts, census and marriage records, and cemetery information.

Note on Descendant Chart Page Design~
These pages are in a modified outline descendant chart format, with the earliest ancestor listed first. Our line has been highlighted so that each direct ancestor has their own section, while children of colateral lines are listed with their parents. Unless specifically requested, information on living family members has been omitted to protect privacy.

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Cemetery Information

Family Group Sheets

Descendant Charts

Census Records
Family of Obadiah Gravitt

Family of Thomas Gravet

Other Census Records -- if you know which line these families belong to, please contact us

Marriage Records

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