Gravett Family Census Records

Special thanks to Robert M. Gravitt for these Census Records.

1900 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: Rhea CountyTown/Township: Sixth District
Date: 8th & 9th June 1900S. D. #: 4E. D. #: 84
Sheet #: 4Page #:
Surname: GravetteSoundex Code: G613
NumberNameRelationSex BirthAgeMother ofPlace of BirthJob
Dwelling Family MthYr # Children # livingPersonFather Mother
7373Gravette, JamesHM1186336------TNGAGAFarmer
Sallie WF918633675TNTNNC---
James Jr.SM9188415------TNTNTNFarm
Caleb SM5188713------TNTNTNFarm
Olive DF9188910------TNTNTN---
John SM1218927------TNTNTN---
Henry SM818972------TNTNTN---

1910 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: Rhea CountyTown/Township:
Date: 27th & 28th April 1910S. D. #: 4E. D. #: 108
Sheet #: 8Page #:
Surname: GravittSoundex Code: G613
NumberNameRelationSex AgeMother ofPlace of BirthJob
Dwelling Family # Children# livingPersonFather Mother
146146Gravitt, SallieHF4588TNTNTN---
JohnS M17------TNTNTNFarm
Henry SM14------TNTNTNFarm
RoscoeS M7------TNTNTN---
Alfred SM4------TNTNTN---

1920 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: Rhea CountyTownship: 3rd Civil District
S.D. #: 4Roll: E.D. #: 100
Enumeration Date: 26 January 1920Sheet:
Surname: Gravett Soundex Code: G613
Place of AbodeNumberNameRelationSexAgePlace of BirthJob
StreetAddress HouseFamily PersonFather Mother
  210211Gravett, SallyHF54TNTNTN---
Alfred SM13TNTNTN---


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