Gravitt Family Census Records

Special thanks to Robert M. Gravitt for these Census Records.

1880 Census

Local Community: 5th Civil DistrictCounty: Rhea CountyState: Tennessee
Date Census Taken: 11 June 1880S. D. #: 20E. D. #: 110
Surname: Gravitt Soundex Code: G613
NumberNameSexAgeRelationOccupationPlace of Birth
DwellingFamily PersonFather Mother
100100Gravitt, WilliamM26H Laborer    
Sarah E.F21W?    
JosephusM4Sat Home    
James SamuelM3Sat Home    
William AlfredM5/12Sat Home    

1900 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: Rhea CountyTown/Township: Fifth Civil District
Date: 20 June 1900S. D. #: 4E. D. #: 83
Sheet #: 8Page #:
Surname: GravettSoundex Code: G613
NumberNameRelationSex BirthAgeMother ofPlace of BirthJob
Dwelling Family MthYr# Children# livingPersonFather Mother
148148Gravett, WilliamHM6185049------GAGAGAFarmer
Sarah E.WF21859411313GAGAGA---
Josephus MS6187425------TNGAGAFarm
William MS9188019------TNGAGASchool
Floyd MS5188218------TNGAGASchool
Charles MS1188416------TNGAGASchool
Thomas MS11188514------TNGAGASchool
Ira MS10188812------TNGAGASchool
Lena FD6188910------TNGAGASchool
Ollie MS218919------TNGAGASchool
Landa MS418946------TNGAGA---
Kitty FD1218945------TNGAGA---
Nellie MS1018963------TNGAGA---
Cora L.FD118991------TNGAGA---

1910 Census

State: Tennessee County: Town/Township:
Date: 29 April 1910S. D. #: E. D. #:
Sheet #: Page #:
Surname: GravittSoundex Code: G613
NumberNameRelationSex AgeMother ofPlace of BirthJob
Dwelling Family # Children# livingPersonFather Mother
162162Gravitt, William HM59------GAUSUSFarmer
Sarah E.WF541515GAUSUSNone
ThomasS M28------TNGAGAFarm
Evie SM23------TNGAGAFarm
Mary L.DF20------TNGAGANone
OllieS M18------TNGAGAFarm
Landa SM17------TNGAGAFarm
Kittie M.DF15------TNGAGANone
NelieS M13------TNGAGANone
Cora L. DF11------TNGAGANone

1920 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: RheaTownship: 3rd Civil District
Enumeration Date: January 1920S.D. #: 9E.D. #: 100Sheet: 16
Surname: GravettSoundex Code: G613
Place of AbodeNumberNameKinSexAgePlace of BirthJob
StreetAddress HouseFamily PersonFather Mother
Oak Hill Rd.Farm288289Gravett, Will G.HM66 GAGAGAFarmer
Sarah E.WF60GAGAGANone
Kittie M.DF24TNGAGANone
Neely SM21TNGAGALaborer
RobertS M19TNGAGALaborer


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