Gravitt Family Census Records

Special thanks to Robert M. Gravitt for the 1900 Census Record.

1900 Census

State: TennesseeCounty: PolkTown/Township: 8th Civil District
Date: 18 June 1900S. D. #: 3E. D. #: 128
Sheet #: 15Page #:
Surname: GravittSoundex Code: G613
NumberNameRelationSex BirthAgeChildrenPlace of BirthJob
Dwelling Family MthYear Mother of # livingPersonFather Mother
267277Collins, WilliamHM1187129------NCNCNCFarmer
Adlie WF618683187NCNCNC---
Bessie DF918909------NCNCNC---
Eissie DF918909------NCNCNC---
Robert SM1218927------NCNCNC---
Dellie DF418946------NCNCNC---
Hester DF318964------NCNCNC---
George SM718983------NCNCNC---
Orlie DF418991------NCNCNC---
278Gravitt, FilowHM6187623------GAGAGALabor
Sarah WF518762422NCNCNC---
Alfred SM1018963------GAGANC---
Mary A.DF1218981------TXGANC---


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