Gravitt Marriage Record

State of Georgia - Forsyth County

     To any Minister of the Gospel Judge Justice of the Peace, NP and Ex. of J.P. You are hereby authorised to join Mr. Marion W. Gravitt and Miss Alice Gravitt In Matrimony according to the Constitution and Laws of this State and for so doing this shall be your sufficent License.
      Given under my hand and seal of office This 20th of July 1875
Wm D. Bently Ordinary

Georgia - Forsyth County

     I do hereby certify that Mr. Marion W. Gravitt and Miss Alice Gravitt were duly joined in Matrimony by me according to the constitution and Laws of this State, This 22 day of July 1875.
(Signed) D.J. Huggins M.G.


J. Melvin with any information or questions

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