Robert R. Gravitt Genealogy

The earliest known ancestor for this line is --

Robert R. Gravitt, b. 1809 in South Carolina, d. 1868 in Forsyth, Georgia, m. 16 July 1828 in Forsyth, Georgia to Nancy Tidwell, b. About 1813 in Georgia.

Census Records
Children of Robert and Nancy:
  1. Cicero Gravitt, b. 1832 in Forsyth, Georgia, d. About 1863 in Tennessee, m. 20 September 1854 in Forsyth County, Georgia to Mary Catherine Brooks.
  2. Edmond Gravitt, b. 1833 in Forsyth, Georgia, m. Elizabeth Phillips.
  3. Angeline Gravitt, b. 1834 in Forsyth, Georgia.
  4. Louisa G. Gravitt, b. 19 March 1843 in Forsyth County, Georgia, d. 02 February 1922 in Forsyth County, Georgia, m. 01 February 1866 in Forsyth County, Georgia to William G. Gravitt, b. 05 May 1849 in Forsyth County, Georgia, d. 14 February 1923 in Forsyth County, Georgia.
  5. Georgia A. Gravitt, b. 1846 in Forsyth, Georgia.
  6. Lafayette Gravitt, b. 1848 in Forsyth, Georgia.
  7. Susan P. Gravitt, b. About 1850.
  8. Columbus G. Gravitt, b. About 1852 in Forsyth County, Georgia, d. 27 November 1927 in Dekalb County, Georgia, m. 28 December 1876 in Forsyth County, Georgia to Elvira E. Smith, b. About 1855 in South Carolina, d. 05 March 1934 in Dekalb County, Georgia.
  9. Addie Jane Gravitt, b. About 1857 in Fannin County, Georgia, m. 04 January 1880 in Forsyth County, Georgia to Western Leach, b. About 1860 in Gilmer County, Georgia.

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