Miscellaneous Fire Service Items

December 26, 1999

Note - FD = Fire Department = Fire Brigade = Brandweer = Fire Service = Brigade de Sapeur Pompiers = Vigili del Fuoco

Patch for Richard Petty FD

Links to Various FD + EMS Online Standard Operating Procedures

Cute Dalmation Puppy - July 1999

FD Response Levels

A Commonsense Motto for Fire Chiefs

Arlington Sized FDs - 40,000 Population

How Many FDs Are In The USA?

Large Volunteer FDs + Private FDs + Public Safety Officer FDs in the USA

Basic Concepts of The Incident Command System

A Basic Protocol For Highrise Fire Operations


Storm King Mountain - 14 Dead Firefighters

Portable Radio Callsigns Used by USA FDs

Possible New Rescue Tools

Better Left Forgotten? - Ugly Fire Stories

Controlled Burns Out Of Control

1999 GAO Report On Wildfire Dangers In The USA

Needed - 1 Good Timing Officer (Required At Each Landing Zone)

800Mhz Trunked Radio Systems Usd By FDs

$1 Billion Per Year For USA FDs - Not!!!

Fire Statistics From Around The World

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