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The Seven Highly Effective Steps to Keeping Your Child Safe

Photo by James Kraemer - May be used for public service use in flyers, the press and noncommercial educational use.
Photo by James Kraemer, 2safeschools.org. May be used for public service use in flyers, the press and noncommercial educational use. May not be sold without permission from the author. Contact Address: [email protected]

at the bus stop and while riding the school bus


Topic: School Bus Safety

Contact: James Kraemer, 2safeschools.org
About the Author: (Click Here)
Free Bus stop safety Graphics:
Atn: 2safeschools Library Services Manager
Graphic Previews: (Click Here)
Contact E-Mail: [email protected]
Word Count: 1,000 words

Text Version: (Click Here) | 3-Fold Parent Flyer

The Seven Highly Effective Steps to Keeping Your Child Safe

at the bus stop and while riding the school bus

Fall 2006
By James Kraemer

Every year school districts, government agencies and the press dedicate public service time and space to school bus safety issues. When considering the most dangerous events, concerning school buses, discussion can often point readers to motorists ignoring the bus stop law. Not violating the bus stop law is only one part of the effort to help keep kids safe. Here are 2safeschools seven highly effective steps to keeping your child safe at the bus stop and while riding the school bus.

1. Child predators must not be the only adults watching over children at the bus stop. Abductions are of serious concern these days. Children twelve and under are preferred targets. Children have been abducted from their own driveway. Escort your child to and from the bus stop or work with other parents at the bus stop to help keep your child safe. (Click here for story)

Featured Story from the Nation's Press
The vast majority of school bus crashes involve the bus driver distracted by students misbehaving on the school bus. So many reporters fail to cover that important aspect of helping the bus driver keep a safe environment for children. A recent story in the Daily Dunklin Democrat, "Students heading back to school need to be mindful of bus safety," by Jennifer Freeze, is very well done, especially in that it helps promote kids and parents doing their part to help keep the bus a safe place. This excellent example of the press helping school bus drivers keep kids safe is kept from fading away into press archives quite so soon. Reposted by permission. Click Here for story)

Featured Website
"A personal web site with educational value," defines Murray Smith's efforts to help keep kids safe in Nova Scotia, Canada. His Website features school bus safety information for students, parents, teachers and fellow bus drivers, including a, "Harrassing is not fun," quiz, an elaborate school bus safety quiz, a school bus drivers area and more. Murry makes excellent use of images from 2safeschools school bus safety CD photo library. Click Here for Featured Website)

Help keep school bus safety alive all year long
Know of an exceptional school bus related story in your part of the woods (U.S. and elsewhere)? Drop us a note with a link to the story. Click Here to send us an Email

Help Promote bus safety knowledge
Would you like your website considered for our Featured Website area or know of an excellent website produced by a school bus driver or school bus transportation Department? Does the Website include images from our on-line Free Photo Library or from our School Bus Safety CD Photo Library? If so, please tell us so we can tell others - thousands of others. Click Here to send us an Email

New CD
Air Alert Valve
Packed with info
Providing safe transportation
A new CD from 2safeschools is now packed with nearly 800 files covering a wide variety of school bus and bus stop safety information. This CD provides solid information and training ideas to help the school bus driver provide calm, safe environments on the school bus. Over 200 free photos included on this CD, along with several video previews covering student behavior issues, crossings, mirror checks and much more. Click here for more information.
The Observer®
SBF Posters page
School Bus Video Observation System (analog and digital) Click Here to visit the website

Free Booklet
Death at the school bus stopJames Kraemer, author of the pending book, "Dangerous school buses," has put together excerpts into a free booklet (PDF format) titled, "Death at the school bus stop." Right click here (save target as...) to download your free template, courtesy First Coast Community.

Worldwide Thumbs Up!
KARE-11 bus safety video
Whatever Video
Kids make school bus safety video A nine minute video produced by kids is one of the most impressive 2safeschools has received for review. This short, informative video, produced by the Minneapolis, MN, KARE-11 TV "Whatever" show", teaches school bus safety on the bus, at bus stops and at school. It is so well done both kids and adults can relate comfortably to the abundance of information provided in the video. KARE-11 has received requests for the video from six countries throughout the world. Click Here to send an Email to Laurie Boyce at KARA 11: [email protected] | More School Bus Technology/Comments .
SPIDER-MAN Critical Review
Spider-Man pix
Target: Middle School to Adult.
The Spider-Man movie opening scene includes a school bus scene adequate for school bus student safe practices discussion. The scene has been captured in wmf/mpeg format and includes slides for classroom discussion. Included on 2safeschools school bus safety CD, the review and slide presentation in Internet format can be downloaded free by Clicking Here. | Free death at the school bus stop Slide Presentation and Booklet templates.

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Adult To Adult
The School Bus - Safety Ignored
In some countries there are no enforced transportation standards, other than what nature provides. Death is a common standard nature provides. Click here for story.
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