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Explosive Kids
A DATELINE Special Report

on kids with ODD

School Bus Injuries A CNN Special Report

Dangerous Buses
A CNN Special Report

Bus Safety Team

Get Safely to School


Wheelchair could change the world.
NBC News


your hotel won’t tell? How to get the right price when you’re shopping for a room.


Instruct Kids

60 Kids Die

Only Tragety Can Jolt Government

What's Your Story?

Every person has a great school or school bus story, safety story, idea, war story or "something funny happened today" story. Perhaps something for the rest of us grown-ups to think about or perhaps to affirm, encourage and support other adults.

When e-mailing a story please include your name, contact address and something about yourself.
If the story is controversial and you wish to remain anonymous we can often do that, depending on the story, or not print the story until it can be verified through another source.

To submit your story,

Click Here.

Safe Schools Link Exchange - How to submit your link
Safe Schools welcomes links to web sites helping adults find information on how to help keep kids safe. Other welcomed links include, public, private and home schooling education, safety, injuries, public education issues and more. Please e-mail recommendations, including the URL (Web Site's address), to Safe Schools. Subject: Links.

The Basics - Reading, Writing and Math
  • America Reads Challenge - U.S. Department of Education reading program.
  • America Reads Federal Work Study - On line directory to Contact Sites.
  • American Library Association - An excellent resource for school staff and home schoolers. Includes links to several excellent websites for kids, parents, and the public. Please Note: 2safeschools designates ala.org a dead link in protest of ALA's policies concerning kids access to pornography and offering kids an activist link on how to circumvent blocking software. (CLICK HERE) To read about the controversy.
  • Learn2 - The ability utility
  • How stuff works - Great discovery site for the classroom and home.
  • SCEI - Stephen Carr's Education Index; Excellent site includes links to other fun sites, plus 65 teacher links and 39 parent links.
  • Sesame Street - Sesame Street's Home Page features parents tips, education games and more.
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - This web site offers "one-stop shopping for a treasure trove of historical documents, scientific experiments, mathematical challenges, famous paintings, and other tools for teachers & students."
  • New Site Pending - Your web site or suggested site could go here.

Safe School Sites - Violence Prevention

The School Bus
  • School Bus Fleet - Various articles concerning the school bus industry, safety, accidents and breaking news.
  • School Bus Driver - Web site maintained by a School Bus Driver, about School Bus Drivers and for School Bus Drivers.
  • School Transportation News - Everything you want to know about school bus safety, from the industry's safety record to the controversey about seat belts on large school buses. Also, this website has a 'Parents & Kids' safety area and a extensive 'HotLinks' page.
  • Silent Witness - Quality school and school bus cameras.
  • National Highway Transportation Admin. - Various online articles and online school bus safety booklets.
  • Seatbelts for school buses - Stephen Langford's web site. Arizona group successfully advocated for seat belts on their school district's school buses.
  • Safe-T-Bar - New school bus passenger restraint system.
  • P.A.S.S. - Parents group advocating for seat belts on Minnesota's school buses.
  • Operation Lifesaver - A national non-profit public information website with railroad crossing safety info and training.

School Staff & Parents Websites (Education Related)

Products & Services

Forums & Message Boards
  • 2safeschools Public Comments - Comment on 2safeschools stories and activities.
  • 2safeschools Member Board - New forum includes Parent, Teacher & Bus Driver Q&A, Parent/School Staff Awards, Products, In the News and Surveys (Guest Access).
  • Parent Connection - Parents and school staff will find help with variety of issues here.
  • NEA/ESP Message Board - Primarily for teachers and bus drivers to discuss issues.
  • School Bus Fleet - Excellent Forum for school bus drivers & transportation Managers.
  • New York Times Forum - This forum offers variety of issues (Free registration required).
  • Dr. Laura's Forum - Nationally recognized therapist invites your questions & comments.
  • KIDLINK - A safe place for kids ages 10-15 to chat with other kids from about 85 nations.

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