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The Purpose Of This Site Is To Save One Child's Life

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The purpose of this safe schools site is to save one child's life. Mrs. Kraemer would tell you I usually have more than one reason for doing something. Another purpose for this site is to demonstrate what can be accomplished when regular folks take charge of their own lives and the kids in their lives. I've seen it happen on a small scale, the common sense, decent, honorable person restoring with a few tools more things than a bus load of bureaucrats could restore with a shed full of tools and wallets overflowing with cash from the mail room.

This site is designed to help inform and give information to parents, school staff and other adults who want to help make their school a safe and effective environment for children and adults. It's not intended to provide psychological, medical, or other professional counseling services.

This site is expected to help demonstrate what can happen with a little bit of caring from a lot of people. I'm not talking about bleeding heart caring or the political correct approach to caring. I'm talking about caring about our own kids more than other peoples kids and caring a little about all kids. Caring just enough to do what is necessary to help keep kids safe at school, on the school buses and in our homes. And doing so without abusing the rights or responsibilities of parents or the school staff.

This safe schools site is a controlled environment. This simply means that myself and Mrs. Kraemer ultimately decide the permitted activities on this safe school's grounds. Their is no committee, no panel of political experts and no special interest groups deciding what's appropriate to tell you. There is counsel sometimes, concerning privacy issues and matters that experts help us out with. The final decision most often is Mrs. Kraemer's and mine.

It's always a good idea to know the bias of any site. The bias of this site is toward expecting lots of common sense, decency and honor toward each other when on this site's grounds. Discussions are expected to promote your thoughts, not necessarily to tear down the thoughts of others. We can disagree all we want, we can even agree to disagree and leave at that.

There are limits to what is allowed to be discussed on this site and regardless of the special interests and the demands from the politically correct. Indoctrination of children toward sexual activities with adults or other kids is an example of what's not permitted on this site's grounds. Also, Mrs Kraemer and myself expect no cursing and no dirty pictures on this safe school's grounds.

Copying stories from this site for personal use, for use in school and employee newsletters and for occasional posting on bulletin boards or to send to friends is permitted. Copying for use in "for profit" publications is often permitted. When used in newsletters, other publications, including electronic bulletin boards, it is expected you let us know you're using this material in your publication. Please remember that stories containing spacific permission to Safe Schools for posting doesn't extend to others - please be sure to check with Safe Schools at ( [email protected]) or the original source prior to reposting these types of stories. See the copyright page for more information on this and other expectations.

We've received a lot of help preparing this site...a free site from Geocities, message board help from DELPHI forums, information resourcing help from a variety of private and goverment media sources, and free graphics from Bizman to mention a few. We'll mention others as we go along in building this site.

Thanks again for visiting,

James & Marilyn Kraemer

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Every person has a great school or school bus safety story, idea, war story or "something funny happened today" story. Perhaps something for the rest of us grown-ups to think about or perhaps to affirm, encourage and support other adults.

When e-mailing your story please include your name, contact address and a little about yourself. If the story is controversial and you wish to remain anonymous we can often do that, depending on the story, or not print the story until it can be verified through another source.

E-mail stories to: [email protected].


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