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Gregory Bodenhamer,

is available at most book stores for $11.00 (paperback), or you can order this book through 2safeschools at the discount price of only $8.80 each. For more information about this book

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What you can do when nothing else is working

By James Kraemer

Back in control is for adults who recognize more than one approach is often needed when working with some of todays' out of control kids. The author's advice and training explained in this book is often most effective Back In Controlwith middle school age children having lost structure in their daily life through divorce, other loss of a parent or somehow just didn't receive the necessary social skills in the earlier years.

Back in control is also effective in establishing meaningful expectations with the very young, as well as help with effective interference and reconciliation with older kids
in alcohol, drugs and other high risk or anti-social behavior.

Critical to successful correction of unsocial and out of control behavior is the willingness of the adults involved to follow through with the child in an effective and meaningful way. The principles presented in Back in control clearly demonstrates that when adults fail to effectively follow through and enforce their own expectations, then children are not likely to follow through and enforce those expectations on themselves. Back in control helps adults accept their part in helping the child let go of learned manipulative skills and tactics characteristic of the out of control child.

Back in control is incorporated into anger management classes within many of our nation's juvenile court systems, agency services, classroom and other government and private child management training in many states. Awareness, concerning the principles in Back in control, can help facilitate effective support from various agencies through common ground communications with these agencies.

Back in control works comfortably in must do situations, as well as with other training principles presented by programs such as Cline-Fay's Love And Logic, Strategies Training Systems, Kids In Charge and many other principle based approaches to dealing with difficult kids.

When the situation demands an immediate response from the out of control child and nothing else has worked, Back in control may be the answer for you.

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2safeschools Note: Back in control, By Gregory Bodenhamer, is available at most book stores for $11.00 (paperback), or you can order this book through 2safeschools at the discount price of only $8.80 each. For more information about this book Click Here


Advice saved my teenage daughters' and my relationship

September 20, 1998

This book was recommended to me by a wonderful woman at the San Jose police department when my now 28 year old daughter ran away from home when she was 14. I love the title because it implies we have had some control to get back to and when my daughters were out of control, I did not think that was the case! The advice gave me a way of dealing with my two daughters' behavior that allowed me to stay calm and not react and still get what needed to be done accomplished. I have recommended it to every parent who has ever talked to me about their child's behavior. Today, my girls thank me for caring enough to chase after them in the car when they tried to run away, promise to show up at school dressed for PE when they wouldn't, and for keeping focused on the issue rather than letting swearing and and name calling derail us. More than once, they have said, "I don't know how you put up with us, Mom." I always say it was this book's advice that helped. Today both of these challenging teenagers are happy, productive, and responsible adults and we have developed a friendship that is based on love and respect for one another. I have found these techniques work equally well on my husband and my friends, diffusing potentially combative situations before they get out of hand. This book should be required reading for all parents of children over 2 years of age! By [email protected], from Penngrove, CA (Northern Califonia)

The Very Best

December 17, 1997

I have two copies of the book and a copy of the cassette tapes. We have homes for developmentally disabled and mentally ill adults. We have raised three sons, also. The clear, concise command that the author demonstrates is useful in EVERYONE'S daily life...In dealing with the telephone solicitor, one's spouse, or one's child. We listen to the tapes every year or so for a refresher and deal with the world more effectively afterwards. Get the book, read it, and get back into the position of being a parent instead of a victim of your own offspring, for God's sake. By [email protected] from San Luis Obispo, CA.

Also see Parent In Control

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