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SEPT 2000


Dangerous act - 2safeschools Library Photo

Death at the school bus stop - what happens, how it happens and how to help prevent it

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More kids die at their bus stop, many run over by their own school bus, than die in the 55,000 school bus crashes that occur in the United States each year. 2safeschools looks at how parents and school staff can help prevent death at the school bus stop.

First published by 2safeschools, original story title, DEATH AT THE SCHOOL BUS STOP - WHAT HAPPENS, HOW IT HAPPENS AND HOW TO HELP PREVENT IT, by James Kraemer, published October 07, 2000, Copyright ©2000 by 2safeschools, All Rights Reserved. Can be reprinted by giving credit to 2safeschools

By James Kraemer
National - The school bus stop is by far the most dangerous part of the trip for children traveling back and forth to school on America's school buses. Four out of every five children killed in a school bus related incident were killed while in the process of boarding or departing their school bus, according to the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute.

When kids ignore, disobey or are mistrained in safe practices at their bus stop or while crossing the road to board or depart their bus, these children risk themselves and others becoming a part of the growing list of children permanently injured or killed at the bus stop.

Children walking in front of the bus, so close to the bus that the driver can not see the child, or walking along side the bus are two major causes of children run over by their own bus. Kids late to their bus stop running across the road to catch their bus, or dashing back across the road after departing their bus, also risk death from motorists as well as the bus they are chasing.


15 - 21, 2000

Another increasing risk is the easy prey children left unsupervised provide child predators, gangs, when kids at their own bus stop act out toward each other and the sometimes fatal encounters with motorists.

Keeping kids safe at the bus stop starts before the bus arrives. Just as the well trained bus driver (an adult) is the most effective safety device on the school bus, this is also the case when transportation departments establish safe bus stop locations and parents are present at the bus stops. Many of the safety issues, especially child abductions, virtually evaporate when appropriate locations are established and effective adult supervision is present.

Student behavior on the bus, prior to arrival at the bus stop, is also critical to helping keep kids safe when students are boarding and departing their bus. Student behavior must not be so out-of-control on the bus that the behavior interferes with the driver's concentration.

  • Of the 55,000 school bus crashes occurring every year in the United States, 30 percent are attributed to driver distraction, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Three times as many pupils are killed outside the bus at bus stops as are on the inside, by crashes. Two-thirds of the time, the child is run over by his or her own bus. One-half the students killed by the school bus are struck from the front and the remainder are struck by the side or rear of the bus, according to CNN.

The bus driver must concentrate on what is happening out side the bus at bus stops. Any distraction from the bus driver's task at the bus stop can result in a sudden and unchangeable tragedy. Training students on the bus to remain seated, talk quietly, stay out of the bus aisle and to keep hands to self is as important as training kids in safe practices at their bus stops.

Effective training of bus drivers on how to train kids is another critical, yet, often overlooked component toward helping to keep kids safe. Kids can be trained to practice safe conduct, but for parents and school staff to have an effective roll, in helping to establish a safe environment for children, they must have effective information that actually helps keep kids safe. Continue to bus stop rules.

SWS pix
New microwave-based driver alert technology.

Safety Warning System helps keep drivers informed

Englewood, Florida - Innovative Technology of America, of Champaign, Illinois, has become the newest licensee of the Safety Warning System® (SWS), the exciting new microwave-based driver alert technology. The company specializes in producing Safety Warning System® transmitters for utility crews, school zones, school buses and slow-moving vehicles.

SWS transmitters can generate any of 64 different text messages in SWS receivers, allowing drivers to know exactly what type of hazard, special traffic condition or roadside service they are approaching. Approximately 15 million of the receivers-mainly SWS-enhanced radar detectors-have been sold since 1996. Because SWS transmitters operate on the same frequency as police radar's K band, 10 million to 20 million users of conventional radar detectors also receive a rudimentary warning from SWS transmitters.

Innovative Technology of America was formed in 1998 to develop, produce and sell safety transmitters. According to information posted on the Innovative Technology website, the company believes the most effective way of warning drivers of nearby hazards is inside their vehicles rather than with more signs, flashing lights and message boards alongside the road. The Safety Warning System®is the ideal tool for accomplishing this goal.


• Find out how to safety check a field trip bus before allowing it to depart with kids on board.
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• 2SAFESCHOOLS Transportation Policy Recommendation
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Innovative Technology of America is concentrating on four types of dedicated SWS transmitters that have a range of 3,000 feet, while those for use by utility crews, in school zones and by slow-moving vehicles such as garbage trucks and agricultural machinery also are available in models with a two-mile range for rural areas. Messages seen by drivers using SWS receivers include "Utility Work Crew Ahead," "School Zone Ahead," "School Bus Loading/Unloading" and "Slow Moving Vehicle."

Demonstrating that his company's SWS transmitters are economical, too, president Jay Schreiber explains, "Our products can protect a bussed child during the entire school year for approximately $1.00 and a child using school crossings for roughly $.25. A utility crew can be protected for one whole year for the cost of just one day's wages; and operators of slow moving vehicles and farm equipment could be protected for less than $25 a year."

"We are very pleased to have Innovative Technology of America join the Safety Warning System® family," commented Janice Lee, president of Safety Warning System, L.C., the organization that oversees development of the technology. "Work crews, schools and slow-moving vehicles all present important traffic safety problems that will be addressed by Innovative Technology's products."

Innovative Technology joins MPH Industries, of Owensboro, Kentucky, in manufacturing SWS transmitters. Some 200 transmitters are in use in 33 states. In addition to its member companies-Escort, Inc., of West Chester, Ohio, Uniden America Corporation, of Fort Worth, Texas, and The Whistler Group, of Bentonville, Arkansas-, BG Tech America, Inc., of Fort Lee, New Jersey, and SK Global America, Inc., of New York, New York, are licensed manufacturers of the receivers in the United States.

For additional information, (Click Here) for Innovative Technology of America or contact at 2702 North Mattis Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821; telephone, 217-351-8805.

(Click Here) for Safety Warning System, L.C. or may be contacted at 2400 North Beach Road, Unit 12, Englewood, FL 34223; 941-473-1555.

NOTE: 2safeschools does not charge producers to review and present selected and innovative safety programs. Producers of childerns' safety or bus driver training programs who would like 2safeschools to review and present your program to our membership please E-Mail 2safeschools for submission information - Subject: Safety Product.


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