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* Note: Terms in (parenthesis) are explanatory,

in {curly brackets} are literals or transliterations,
in [square brackets] are sources.
MarkingDescription *@
O S (overprint on stamps of Australia) {On Service (for official use)}
O S (overprint) English language countries, officials {On Service}
O. A. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Official Assignee}
O.Ф. (overprint with airplane): Bulgaria, airmails
O.A.T. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Egyptian (in oval) {Onward Air Transmission} (Cairo) (1943)
O.B. (overprint on stamps of Philippines): officials (1906-present) {Official Business}
O.B.C. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {Osterreichische-Bayerische Controlle}
O.ENDINGEN (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Ober Endingen}
O.F. CASTELLORISO (overprint on stamps of France): Castellorizo occupation
O.H.B.M.S. (overprint on stamps of German East Africa): British revenue stamps {On His Britannic Majesty's Service} (1915) (Unknown under GEA etc. in Scott's Classic Specialized Catalogue c.1997)
O.H.E.M.S. (overprint on stamps of Egypt): official stamps {On His Exalted Majesty's Service} (1922-23)
O.H.H.S. (overprint on stamps of Egypt): officials (1907-22) {On His Highness’ Service}
O.H.M.S. (overprint on stamps of Canada or rubber-stamped onto cover) (official use) {On Her {His} Majesty's Service}
O.K.C.A. POCCIЯ Russia- Army of the North (1918)
O.L. (overprint on stamps of Monaco): (on letters handed to mailmen or found in post boxes prior to 1908) {Origine Locale ('Local Origin' control mark)}
O.L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Origine Locale}
O.M.F. CILICIE (overprint on stamps of France): occupation of Cilicia
O.M.F. SYRIE (overprint on stamps of France): Syria (1920-22) {Occupation Militaire Francaise (French Military Occupation)}
O.N.F. CASTELLORIZO (overprint on stamps of French Levant): France- Castellorizo occupation {Occupation Navale Francaise (French Naval Occupation)}
O.N.M.I. (overprint on stamps of Fiume) {Opera Nazionale Maternità Infanzia (Maternity and Child Welfare)}
O.P. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {Ohne Porto (Unpaid)}
O.P.A. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Austrian (followed by HERMANNSTADT) {Osterreichische Post Amt (Austrian Post Office)} (1820)
O.P.A. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German (followed by GRATZ) {Ober Post Amt (Gratz) (Head Post Office (in GRAZ)} (1829-39)
O.P.S.O. (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): officials for Post Office sent abroad {On Public Service Only}
O.R. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Origine Rurale (Rual Origin)}
O.S. (overprint on stamps of Norway): officials (1951-52) {Offentlig Sax} cf. 'O S' (no dots - English...)
O.S.G.S. (overprint on stamps of Sudan): officials {On Sudan Government Service}
O.SIMMENTHAL (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Ober Simmenthal}
O.T. (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia): newspaper stamps used by commercial firms
O.U.S. (overprint between wavy lines): Great Britain: official overprint for the {Oxford Union Society} to prevent pilfering of 1d reds)
O.W. OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): officials : {Office (of Public) Works} (1896-1902)
OAHA MAPKA (OДHA ..) Finland (1866-74)
OAXACA Mexico- Oaxaca (1914)
OB. TOGGENBURG (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {OBER TOGGENBURN}
OB.URNEN (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {OBER URNEN}
OBERRIED. am B.SEE (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {OBERRIED am BRIENZERSEE}
OBOCK (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Obock
Oc.Bad.C. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German{Osterreichische-Bayerische Controlle}
OCCUPATION AZIRBAYEDJAN (overprint on stamps of Russia): Azerbaijan (unofficial overprints by Entente Allied officers) (1918)
OCCUPATION FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Hungary): Hungary- French occupation (1919)
OCCUPATION FRANCAISE CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Cameroon- French occupation
OCCUSSI-AMBENO Sultanate of Okusi-Ambeno ICIS, name taken from an enclave on the island of Timor. "In fiscal year 2006 most foreign exchange was acquired through the Sultanate's Philatelic Bureau, and from exports of high quality hallucinogenic mushrooms manufactured in State-owned factories scattered throughout Okusi-Ambeno." Address: Overseas Philatelic Bureau [info], PO Box 876, Auckland, New Zealand. - See Also : stamp issuing Provinical Local Posts : TARANTAR, FERIPAEGA / Feripæga, Quatair. A 4th of its 7 regencies (Jade Province) is said to issue stamps but website has bad links c.2009. cf.: Free Vinland Republic (their former colony of West Vineland in the North Atlantic!) & ICIS. [info: #2, #3], [Wikipedia], [aj: How much is hoax?; #3 (cc); JCM]
OCEANIE French Polynesia (1892-1958)
OCUPACION DE PASQUA Chile: semipostal for Easter Island
OD. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Dutch {OUDDOUP}
OESTERR Austria (1883-1907) {Austria}
OESTERR POST LIECHTENSTEIN Liechtenstein- Austrian postal administration (1912-20)
OESTERR POST (with) KAIS KOENIGL Austria (1883-1907)
OEUVRES DE GUERRE (overprint on stamps of Cameroon): semipostals
OEUVRES DE SOLIDARITE FRANCAISE French Colonies: semipostals (1943-44)
OEUVRES SOCIALES (overprint on stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon): semipostals
OFF. SAK. Norway: officials
OFFENTLIG SAK Norway: officials
OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Kenya and Uganda): Tanganyika: officials (1959-60)
OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Swaziland): (1933) (not officially released issue)
OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Basutoland): officials (1934)
OFFICIAL (overprint of stamps of British Guiana): officials (1878-91)
OFFICIEL (overprint on stamps of Luxembourg): officials
OFFICIEL (overprint on stamps of Iran): officials (denoting genuiness) (1885-87)
OFFISIEEL South West Africa: officials
OFFISIEEL-OFFICIAL South Africa: officials
OFICIAL (Spanish or Portuguese language countries) {Official}
OHU POST Estonia: airmails
OKCA Russia- Army of the North (1919) {Odjeiny Korpus Severnoy Armii}
OLDENBURG German States- Oldenburg
OLOMOUC Czechoslovakia: Newspaper Stamp from town of Olomouc [rs]
OLTRE GIUBA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Oltre Giuba
ON C.G.S. (overprint on stamps of India- Cochin): India- Cochin: officials {On Cochin Government Service}
ON K.D.S. (overprint on stamps of India- Kishangarah): officials {On Kishengarh Durbar Service}
ON L.F.S. (overprint on stamps of India): (private overprints to prevent theft) {On Local Funds Service}
ON S.S. (overprint on stamps of India- Travanacore): officials
ON S.S.S. (overprint on stamps of India- Sirmoor): officials {On Sirmoor State Service}
ON STATE SERVICE (overprint on stamps of Iraq): officials
ONORANZE/AL DUCA DEGLI/ABRUZZI (overprint on stamps of Somalia) (reprinted definitives) (1934)
ONZA Spain: officials {Ounce}
ORANGE RIVER COLONY (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope): Orange River Colony (1900-02)
ORANJE VRIJ STAAT Orange River Colony {Orange Free State}
ORCHA India- Orchha (1913-17)
ORCHHA India- Orchha (1913-17)
ORDINARY (overprint on stamps of Liberia): (airmail to regular mail conversion)
ORE {ØRE} (currency) Denmark, Sweden or Norway
ORGANISATION INTERNACIONALE POUR LES REFUGIES (overprint on stamps of Switzerland): officials {International Organization for Refugees} (1950)
ORGANISATION MONDIALE DE LA SANTE (overprint on stamps of Switzerland): officials {World Health Organization}
ORO PASTAS Lithuania: air mails
ORPHELINS DE LA GUERRE France: semipostals {War Orphans}
ORTS-POST Switzerland (1850)
OSTAS. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {OSTASIATISCHE} (1900)
OSTEN (overprint on stamps of Germany): Poland- German Occupation (1939)
OSTLAND (overprint on stamps of Germany): Russia- German occupation (1941-43) (Rick wonders of the additional mark "Is this a local overprint or a cancel?")
OTVORENIE SLOVENSKENO (overprint on stamps of Czechoslovakia): Slovakia (1939)
OUBANGUI-CHARI-TCHAD (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Ubangi-Shari (former French colony) (1915-24)
övertryck (n.) (overprint on stamps of Sweden)
overtryk (n.) (overprint on stamp of Denmark)
overtrykk (n.) (overprint on stamps of Norway)


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