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* Note: Terms in (parenthesis) are explanatory,

in {curly brackets} are literals or transliterations,
in [square brackets] are sources.
MarkingDescription *@
L (overprint on stamps of Colombia): airmails carried by {LANSA} company.
L & S POST (overprint on stamps of Newfoundland): from airmail to ordinary use conversion (1931) {Land and Sea Post}
L A B Bolivia: airmails {Lloyd Aereo Boliviano}.
L (and Crown) (overprint on stamps of Belgium): (letter 'L' surmounted by Crown design)
L F F (overprint on stamps of Liberia): officials {Liberian Frontier Force}
L Mc L (and design of ship): Trinidad: Lady McLeod private issue (1847)
L'OCEANIE (or) OCEANIE French Polynesia (here the double surchaged overprint on the semipostal is of unknown -not Scott listed- origin!) [rs]
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp) (in circle): British : a 'Sunday' frank in use at Lombard Street Post Office. (London) (1836)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp) (in circle): British : Denotes 'Too Late' (1833)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French: {LIGURIE}
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): (surmounted by crown) French: {LIMOGES} (1728)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): (in circle) French: {LYON} (1790)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): (surmounted by royal crown): French: {LYON} (1791)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): (very small in ornamental frame) German: {LEIPSIG} (1715)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): (in circle surmounted by crown) Polish: {LUBLIN} (1780-1802)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss: {de LOÊCHE} (found on letters from Zurich and Lucerne for Valais) (1814-15)
L. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Venetian: {LENDINARA} (1760-63)
L. A. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials {Lunatic Asylum} (1868-74)
L. C. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials {Legislative Council} (1868-74)
L. L. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials {Legislative Library} (1868-74)
L. MARQUES (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Lourenco Marques (1895-7)
L.1 (or 2 or 4) (pre-adhesive handstamp): British: Used for Late Fee letters
L.A. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Austrian {Lettre Autrichien} (1824-54)
L.A.C. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Canadian {Legislative Assembly of Canada
L.A.R. Libyan Arab Republic (1969-present) {sic}
L.B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {Landbote}
L.B.4.K. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre BÂLOISE 4 Kreuzer}
L.B.P.H. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre de BÂLE pour HUNINGUE} (1840-42)
L.C.O. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Letter Carrier Office} (1833-43)
L.C.R. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Lancaster & Carlisle Railway}
L.F. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Lettre Française} (1818-29)
L.F.R. (pre-adhesive handstamp) (with numerals 1 to 5): French {Lettre Française, Rayon 1 (to 5)} (1818)
L.G. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Geneve}
L.G. 10(+-)K (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Geneve (10 kreuzer or other numbers)} (1834-39)
L.G. Doc. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {LANGUEDOC}
L.I. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Austrian {Lettre Illyrie} (1824-50)
L.I. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Lettre Italienne}
L.I. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {LETTERA ITALIANA}
L.L. (pre-adhesive handstamp) (interlaced and surmounted by crown): French : Post Office of King Louis XVIII (1815-24)
L.L.L.R. Georgia
L.M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian (monogram type) {Lettera - Di - Mare of Firenze (Florence)} (1805)
L.M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Venetian : Austrian Post in Venice (1797-1805)
L.N. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Neuchateloise}
L.N.4.Kr (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Neuchateloise 4 kreuzer (or other numbers)}
L.N.O. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Spanish {LOGRONO}
L.O.F. (overprint on airmail stamp of Philippine): {London-Orinet Flight} (1928)
L.P. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Danish {Landpost} (1850-52)
L.P. (overprint on stamps of Russia): Latvia- Russian occupation for Mitau and Schaulen (1919) {Latvija Pawalda (Latvia Administration)}
L.P.B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Dutch - (with number 1 to 5) {Lettre PAYS BAS 1 (to 5)} for letters from Belgium (1829-50)
L.R. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French - (with number 1 to 4) a Transit mark. (1802)
L.R.I. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Lettre du Royamme d Italie}
L.S.B.O. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Lombard Street Branch Office}
L.T. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French - {Lettre Toscane (Tuscany)}
L.T. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {Lettera di Transito}
L.T. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian - (in circle) {Lettera Turchia} (on disinfected mail from Constantinople to Genoa) (1838-40)
L.T. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Land Titles}
L.T.S.R. (overprint with date): Lithuania: union with the U.S.S.R.
L.V. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Vaudoise} (1835)
L.Z. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Lettre Zurichoise} (1835)
L/CB. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {Lazzeretto Contumacia Brescello (Cholera Infection Hospital, Bresello)} (1857)
L'ETAT DU KATANGA Katanga: rebellion against the Belgian Congo
L1. (overprint on airmail stamps of Colombia) (used to prepay additional air fees) (1948)
LA AGUERA Aguera (1920-22)
LA CANEA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Crete (1900-12)
LA CRUZ ROJA ESPANOL Spain: semipostals {Spanish Red Cross}
LA CRUZ ROJA PARAGUAY Paraguay: semipostals {Paraguay Red Cross}
LA GEORGIE Georgia (1919)
LA LEY Bolivia (1878) {The Law}
LABUAN (overprint on stamps of North Borneo): Labuan (1894-1901)
LAGOS Lagos, Nigeria (1874-1906)
LAIBACH (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia- Ljubljana): German occupation (1944-45)
LAND-POST PORTE-MARKE German States- Baden: postage dues (1862) {Rural Post- Postage Due}
LANDSTORMEN FRIMARKE Sweden: semipostals for funds to equip soldiers {Military Reserves Stamp}
LANSA Colombia airmails (1950) (Co. name)
LATTAQUIE (overprint on stamps of Syria): Latakia (1931-33)
LATVIJA DSR Latvia: Russian occupation
LAYMAN ISLANDS (bogus - as is: Aayman, Dayman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.): British Colonial Royal Wedding - frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers." [is]
LE. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Irish {Letter} (1780-1843)
LEGI POSTA (overprint on stamps of Hungary): airmails 1920
LEGIONISTOM POLSKIM Polish Legion fundraising label (1916). Rick wonders, "..genuine? I vaguely remember the distinction being in the number of toes." [rs]
LEI (currency overprint on Austrian stamps): Romania- Austrian occupation (1917-18)
LERO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Aegean Islands- Leros (1930-2)
LEROS (overprint on stamps of Italy): Aegean Islands- Leros (1912-22)
LEROS; LERO (overprint on stamp of Italy): Dodecanese island
LESOTHO (overprint on stamps of Basutoland): Lesotho (1966) (final -current- name?) 7H.M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Levée de 7 Heures du Matin (for 7 a.m. Collection; various times)} 7H.S. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Levée de 7 Heures du Soir (7 p.m. Collection; various times)} (1824)
LEVA (currency): Bulgaria
LEVANT France- Offices in Turkey (et al ... many countries w/this)
LEVANT (overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1902-23)
LEVANT (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain Offices in Turkey- Levant (1905-06)
LEVANT (overprint on stamps of Poland): Poland- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1919-21)
Note image to left: shows not all stamps got marked!
LEVANTE (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Levant
LEY 8310 (overprint on stamps of Peru): postal tax stamps {Law 8310}
LEY NACIONAL DE SELLO Argentina: postal fiscal stamps {National Stamp Law}
LFD.BR.SS (pre-adhesive handstamp): Venetian {Lettere Franche Da BRESCIA A VENEZIA} (1720-21)
LIBAN Lebanon
LIBAU (overprint on stamps of Germany): Latvia- German occupation (1919)
LIBERTAD Y ORDEN Colombia {Liberty and Order}
LIBERTAD, 15 DE SETIEMBRE Guatemala (1886-94) {Liberty, September 15}
LIBIA Libya (1912-51)
LIBYA (overprint on stamps of Cyranaica): Libya (1951)
LIETUVA Lithuania
LIETUVA (overprint on stamps of Russia): Lithuania- South District (1919)
LIETUVOS Lithuania
LIETUVOS PASTA Lithuania {Lithuania Post}
LIFE INSURANCE (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): life insurance department
LIG (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Ligne}
LIGNES AERIENNE DE LA FRANCE LIBRE Syria- Free French Administration military airmails (1942)
LIGNES AERIENNE F.A.F.L. Syria- Free French Administration military airmails (1942)
LIMBAGAN- 1543-1943 (overprint on stamps of Philippines): Japanese occupation (1943)
LINDBERGH ENERO 1928 (overprint on stamps of Costa Rica): {Lindbergh January 1928}
LINEAS AEREA NACIONAL Chile: airmails {National Air Lines}
LINEAS AEREAS DEL ESTADO Argentina: airmails {State Air Lines}
LIPSO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Lisso (1912-32)
LIPSO {overprint on stamps of Italy} - used on the Dodecanese island
LIRE (currency overprint on stamps of Austria): Italy- Austrian occupation (1918)
LIRE 1.20 DI CORONA (currency overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Dalmatian occupation
LISBOA Portugal: Red Cross tax stamps (1913) or franchise stamps (1903-38)
LISSO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Lisso (1930)
LITAS Lithuiania (1922-40)
LITWA SRODKOWA Central Lithuania
LITWY SRODKOWEJ Central Lithuania
LJUBLIANSKA Yugoslavia- Ljubljana- German occupation (1944-45)
LOCUST CAMPAIGN (overprint on stamps of Trans-Jordan): semi-postals 1930 to help locust plague
LOJA FRANCA (overprint on stamps of Ecuador): Ecuador- Loja Province: control overprint to prevent use of stolen stamps from July 1902 Guyaquil Post Office fire (1902-03)
LOKAL BREF Sweden- Stockholm
LOS RIOS (overprint on stamps of Ecuador): provincial control (1902-03)
LOSEN Sweden: postage dues {Redemption Money}
LOTHRINGEN (overprint on stamps of Germany): France- German occupation of Lorraine (1940)
LOTNICZA Poland: aimails
LR (or) Lre (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Letter} (1760 onwards)
LTSR 1940 VII 21 (overprint on stamps of Lithuania): Russian occupation
LUBIANA (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia): Ljubljana- Italian occupation (1941)
LUCHA CONTRA EL CANCER (overprint on stamps of Panama): semipostals {Fight Against Cancer}
LUCHTEPOST Belgium: airmails {Air Post}
LUCHTEPOSTZEGEL Netherlands: airmails
LUEBECK German States- Leubeck (1863-67)
LUFTFELDPOST Germany: military air post stamps (1942)
LUGPOST South Africa or South West Africa: airmail stamps
Luo Stradali (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {Luoghi Stradali} (1795-97)
LUXEMBOURG (overprint on stamps of Germany): Luxembourg- German occupation (1940-41)


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