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Key Terms:
(beating a horse)
to death!

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bogus Not Postally OfficialBut it looks to be..
ed.editor (us)
interlaced Interwoven
fiscal stamps? vs. tax etc
literals or transliterationsExact or approximate meaning{Literally speaking}
overprinted Marks altering original purpose.
    Control Marks
    Commerorative Marks
pre-adhesive Before postage stampsPostal directives
sic'as stated'
surmounted Above
undermounted Below
Color Keys:  Current Usage:OpComm:
White (none)|  Real Inscriptions/Overprints or unknown?|  May have both or?
Red  Bogus material & Cinderellas*  too mixed!
Yellow  Fantasy/Artistamps, Commercial/Poster   (mostly unused yet)
Buff Green  Pre-adhesive handstamps  Prior to 1st Issue of May 1840.
Pink  Markings (other): cancels &  Modern handstamps
Green  First issue(s)  sic
Light Blue  Overprints; incl. Bogus ones  Decide again!
Salmon  Postal Labels, Seals, Etiquettes   Too mixed!
Magenta  Private Local Posts (?)  (example)
What about postal 'locals' issued
& 'Revenues', 'Franchises', 'propaganda', "Carrier's"
or 'illegal' or 'Poster stamps?
Well? what about 'em?
A Few Questions:
Underprint? (on the back?)
ovrprnt on? (x4+-)?6
franchise stamps?10
return letter stamps?12
Zeppelin ?; .br? ?13
Quarterly Bulletin ?14
Bibliography:  Chief Feature(s):  Circa:
  US stamps identification  2009

my original research

  various: Cats., Bks, People..




  Bogus material



David Anthony Wyatt, B.Sc.
@, @

1. Issuers; locals, o/p's, Bogus (cc); yet unused
2. Some mystery stamps (cc); yet unused
3. German States in the 19th Century; incl. stamp issuers.(cc)



Argo project

  USA Postal History


Carriers & Locals Soc.

  carrier's & locals auction # 15 (cc)




  various: mostly reference links




  various: direct website links




  Bogus material via AskPhil;
  annotated but older



JCM Artistamps (cc)





  Entities & Bogus material



Rick Scott's 443 UPO's

  Bogus & Unknowns


rs / Francis Chan

  Pre-adhesive data & graphics
  (assumed source here*)



StampAuctionNetwork (SAN) featuring:
  Shreves & Spink/Shreves auctions

  Seigel Auctions (and others)

  'via Shreves sale#-lot#'
  form: (co. name)(auction #)
  (lot# optional) via 'SAN'

  e.g. Siegel auction 973
  lot 204 via SAN

Stefano Adinolfi & Casper Boks

  520 Bogus & Unkowns



Sterling, David:
Home for Cinderellas (cc) (cc)
  & Carriage posts (cc)
  & Poster stamps (cc) (+, + !)



Z. Zebrauskas' Philatelic Geography
  & alternate posts
  & Perfins ++!



* in general, I liked their navigation & layout
that is all

Postage Stamps Resources
  • The World Association for the Development of Philately
    Developed by the Universal Postal Union ('UPU' - "now a specialized agency in the United Nations*") and the World Association for the Development of Philately (WADP), the WADP Numbering System (WNS) was introduced on 1 January 2002 with the aim of creating a database of all authentic postage stamps issued by UPU member countries and territories on or after that date ... "with over 25,000 registered stamps since 2002. Many of them have images, which generally remain copyrighted by the issuing country, but which the UPU and WADP permit to be downloaded.*"
  • See Also:
      Wikipedia: The WADP Numbering System
      Wikipedia: Illegal stamps ("According to the UPU, the market is estimated to be at least $500 million per year.")
      *Wikipedia: Universal Postal Union
  • PHILATELIC EXPERTS, under G. Koch's leadership
  • and including a handy stamp forgery guide!
    "This worldwide list gives you the names and areas of specialisation of about 1,835 individual stamp experts, past and present, who have back stamped or hand signed postage stamps, or issued certificates. Some 700 scans are included for the deciphering of stamp expert marks. ...
    The purpose of this list of philatelic experts is to aid collectors in their judgment of the genuineness of postage stamps."

  • The Simplicity of Basic Forgery Detection, (cc)
    "Should stamp collectors be concerned with forgeries or unofficial reprints which are not sanctioned by any postal body or recognized as authentic philatelic material? This depends on the readers collecting area and concern for throwing money at stamps with the belief that they are real, when in fact they are not (wasting money). This seems like a bold statement for one of the most popular hobbies in the world...

  • Comparative Stamp Forgery Identification Site, Bill Claghorn
  • "This site shows philatelic stamp fakes and forgeries by country and year of issue..."

  • Identify Stamps, by Marco Sampaio, Portugal (archived here)
  • Including his list of bogus material..
    originally: ; '404' c.2009 (alt.)

  • Wikipedia's The Postage stamp
  • Including: history, design, types, collecting, links ...

  • John Leach's Encyclopedia of Postal Authorities (cc)
  • "A record of postal history ... by all authorities that have issued stamps since 1840."

  • Stamps FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) (a cc)
  • (One of the oldest philatelic documents on the internet & seems to be the only known remaining copy!)
    c.2011 it had gone offline but as noted above {'(cc)'} I made a copy . . .

  • Fabio Alarici's Stamp Resources
  • Especially Philatelic Bureaus and stamp catalogs.

  • PhilaGuide, by W. J. Bongers - now '404' c.2015 ed.

  • The Antonius Ra Collection, from Mitchell Ward, USA
  • "Over 150 countries for viewing and reference." (as of 2011 "over 225 countries... as of 201506 "over 300 countries + ... ")

    See Also: :
       Stamp Dealers
       Wikipedia: Postal administration


    * What is a BOGUS (or) Cinderella item?

    The 'Cinderellas Stamp Club' defines them as:

    Labels, seals, phantom issues, locals.. {???}
    "in fact, anything that looks like a stamp though not (a national) government-issued postage stamp."

    (nb.: 'bogus' (not 'Cinderella') can indicate 'illegal' overprints on, otherwise, official issues! - ed.)

    The Bottom Line: 'Not Postally (according to the U.P.U. list) Official (but looks like it)'.

    (THIS is what we call "beating a horse to death" - TWICE; ed.)

    (all Emphsis added. - ed.)

    And from Bonnie and Roger Riga (; cf. ),

    "We're often asked the question, "What are Cinderellas?"

    You may remember the fairy tale about Cinderella, the stepchild that everyone pushed aside. "Cinderellas" is the nickname given to the stepchildren of stamp collecting, all those stamps and things that no one can find in Scott's catalog, and that no one knows what to do with. We've spent quite a few years bringing Cinderellas to philately's ball and guess what some folks are discovering ? What one collector thought was junk is just the specialty item that another collector has been hunting for years. Does all this sound familiar ? Simply put, if it looks like a stamp, or feels like a stamp and it's not listed in Scott's catalog then it's probably a Cinderella."

    They also operate '' - "as a resource for "Cinderella" stamp collectors."


    And there's: Rags to Riches - Paul Chesham's story of Cinderella Stamps (Stamp & Coin Mart article found elsewhere)

    Linn's Refresher courses on Cinderellas : Jan. 2003, Jul. 1998, Jul. 1998 -pt2

  • Atalaya Index.doc (1975-2003 index of Atalaya the famous cinderella magazine) (cc)

  • David M. Stirling's Cinderellas (Home; cc) (Phantoms; cc) (& esp. his parcel posts of GB; cc)
  • old eBay ID: chalmerston, originally from Scotland, UK (deceased c.2006)
    old url:
    & a tribute from Olathe Poste' to David M. Stirling. (cc - a .pdf)

  • Wine Post New Zealand (visit)
  • "Official Oceania, Antarctica & Wine Post New Zealand postage stamps."

  • Atlantis; add to ISWCS list (visit)

  • Sultanate of Upper Yafa (Alt.) (cc)
  • "Before the NLF could destroy it, the Royal Scientific Department, then headed by the brilliant academic Dr Ismail bin-Musi, put a force field over the city that the NLF could not hope to penetrate. ... In 1998, Upper Yafa was admitted to the ICIS*, the Fifth World’s "United Nations", and resumed issuing stamps ..."
    The Upper Yafa Special Mission,
    115c Essex Street, Epping, NSW, Australia 2121
    Email: [email protected]

  • Paul Edney's Stamp Yellow Pages: BOGUS MODERN RUSSIA ISSUES & OVERPRINTS (cc)

    What are Poster Stamps?

    "..what is a poster stamp? The easy definition is any stamp (non-denominated) created to advertise or commemorate a product or event. The evolution of the poster stamp is that it was originally a miniature version of a poster issued to advertise or commemorate a product or event." (from homepage). And from his article of the same name (cc), "The main purpose of poster stamps was to advertise products or events, promote political causes or good works, encourage tourism and so forth. They were affixed to envelopes and invoices; they were given away with products and they were collected to obtain other awards. The largest companies, like Chocolate Tobler and Nestle were able to issue their own poster stamp albums. Others commissioned designers and printers to prepare poster stamps especially for them. Smaller clients could select from thousands of stock designs and have their imprint placed upon them. Even philatelic dealers used them." World Post Stamps - Charles Kiddle
  • See Also: Dave Stirling's Stamp Dealer's Poster Stamps (cc)
    (Poster stamp example here)

    Local Stamps

    Local Post Collectors Society

  • U.S. Carriers & Locals, The (Robert A.) Siegel Encyclopedia (cc)
    ("Carrier stamps prepaid the fee for service in taking a letter to or from the post office or between correspondents in the same city. The fee, 1¢ or 2¢, varied among cities at the discretion of the local postmaster, usually in response to competition from local posts. ...")

  • Paul Edney's Stamp Yellow Pages: LOCAL POSTS OF THE WORLD (cc)

  • A.J.'s Postal Authorities: Local Posts

  • Jan Langenberg's Russian Zemstvo (local/rural post) issues (& a lot more - visit!)
  • Old:

    Scouts, Guides & Stamps et al..

  • SOSSI's Scout Local Posts (cc)
  • Mr. Larson notes, "Local post offices were once considered illegal in the U.S. because they competed with the United States Post Office. But in 1952 Herman Herst of Scrub Oak, New York discovered a loophole in the private express status. The loophole permits a local post office to receive or distribute properly stamped mail which has traveled through regular U.S. Post Office channels. The local post stamps are stuck on the envelopes on the left hand side with the U.S. stamps in their usual place."
  • Scout and Guide Charity Christmas Posts
  • (page seems to be gone but the site is interesting... ed.)

  • Scout and Guide Charity Christmas Posts in Great Britain, John Crabbe, UK
  • (over 340 different Scout & Guide Christmas Post items)
    old: '404' c.2009
    From his chapter: How to run a Charity Christmas Post
    "To quote from the Act enabling these posts to operate" - "Such mail can only be carried 'for the purposes of raising funds for charitable purposes' during the period from 25th November to 1st January. A 'Christmas card' is defined as 'a document which conveys a greeting appropriate to the seasons of Christmas and the New Year (or either of them) and no other communication', and a 'Charity' is defined as 'any body of persons or trust established for charitable purposes only'."
    "The Scout Association has published a leaflet which you can download (cc) that covers basic responsibilities and general advice."
  • &: Don's Schilling's Stamp Collecting Round Up: Scout Christmas Posts (c.200512)
  • "Since 1981, U.K. law allows for local delivery of mail by non-profit groups and charities one month prior to Christmas in direct competition with Royal Mail."

    See Also:

    Philatelic Geography: British Scout Posts below

    J. David F. McKee CSC
    3 South Park Drive, Foxrock, Dublin 18, Ireland
  • tel. +353 1 289 6206 (eves)
    Publishes The Checklist of Scout, Guide & Brigade Stamps of the World: A 198 page listing (no illustrations or prices) of over 2400 stamp issues from 344 countries or territories, involving nearly 7500 stamps, 2330 minature and souvenir sheets, 2350 varients, 169 postal stationery items and 570 flaws and errors. Local carriage labels, Scout Christmas charity issues, propaganda, bogus and displaced person' camps issues are segregated into a seperate section. Prices (postage inclusive): UK 9 pounds sterling, Europe 10 pounds, US$21 (Irish, UK or US bank notes only or UK postal orders, UK drafts, UK cheques - sterling) - Mr. McKee does not sell the stamps or cinderellas!

    See Also: 'Geographical' data below



    "The term artistamp (a portmanteau of the words "artist" and "stamp") or artist's stamp refers to a postage stamp-like artform used to depict or commemorate any subject its creator chooses. Artistamps are a form of Cinderella stamps in that they are not valid for postage, but they differ from forgeries or bogus stamps in that typically the creator has no intent to fool postal authorities or stamp collectors." - Wikipedia's Artistamps entry. (dupe)

  • JCM's Artistamp Gallery, James (Jas/Jim) Warren Felter
  • Artistamp images from around the world. (& 'Jas' is an abbreviation for 'James')
    Site includes: cyber-version of the International Directory of Artistamp Creators.
    Reproduced from Felter's timbres d'artistes, "My father was a stamp collector. He liked to collect mint sheets. He bought me my first stamp album when I was quite young and I was soon hooked. I collected every stamp I could find and even sent away for those packages of 100 unique stamps for $1. 00. It wasn't long before my collection was too large for my initial stamp album and so I acquired THE SUPREME GLOBAL STAMP ALBUM. I learned about the world by collecting postage stamps; about such exotic places as Australian Antarctic Territory, Ifni, and the Ivory Coast. I also learned that Finland was really Sumi and Ireland was Eire. ..."
    See Also: other selected JCM articles below.

  • 2Blowhards on Donald Evans (cc+-)
  • Wikepedia: Donald Evans (artist)
    & from The World of Donald Evans, by Willy Eisenhart
    With one reviewer saying, "Evans was an artist whose work is almost entirely made up of faux postage stamps (postoids, as they're known in mail art circles) celebrating not only fictional countries, but the small things of everyday life: fruit, chickens, garlic, plants and flowers. His postal ephemera is vivid and dryly funny, and conforms to an internal logic and order that is awesome. Leaf through the book and enjoy the stamps from Achterdijk celebrating windmills, or the block of four pesto stamps from Mangiare. During his short life his output was prodigious, his imagination remarkable.
    If you like the work of Nick Bantock, Donald Evans will be just your style."

    See Also: (sadly all the JCM material is '404' - currently; c.201505)

  • JCM Artistamps : Donald Evans (cc)
  • JCM Artistamps : Bruce Grenville (cc)
  • JCM Artistamps : Bugpost (#2)
  • "depicts an image of the Seattle artist Dominique, aka Bugpost: the Bugmaster General of the PMTTD Corporation and editor of The Standard Artist Stamp Catalogue." ..and.. "Standard Insectastases Stamp Catalogue in 1991" (#2 above).
  • JCM Artistamps : The Empire of the Upper & Lower, Daniel C. Boyer
  • JCM Artistamps : Six of Jas' Cyberstamps are featured in the April 20th issue of the
  • US publication STAMP COLLECTOR.
    The article, Cyberstamps are cinderellas of the internet, by Roger and Bonnie Riga, introduces and discusses cyberstamps as collectable cinderellas in the age of computers and e-mail. Original copy on file.

  • Artistamp News

  • MailMania 4 - Sept. 2010 - 4th Biennial: An open call for submissions for an upcoming exhibition of all forms of mailart..

  • The Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives
  • The 'Fatherland-Motherland' artistamps exhibition, July 11-21, 2002
    could not seem to get graphics c.2009 but seems to be well covered by JCM (Room 6)
    MAK : Moscow Artistamps Collection (good c.2009)

  • The Olathe Poste' Artistamp Info Center
    (also covers Poster Stamps, Local Posts (in an artistamp frame....& traditional coverage))

  • First Issue Reserved Edition (F.I.R.E.): "Anarchy-by-philately, anyone?" (cc)
  • '404' c.2009

  • The Stamp Art Lesson, Bill Diebold, photographer, Los Angels, CA, USA
  • "The purpose of this lesson is to research and prepare materials needed for students to design postage stamps commemorating minority inventors while learning features (layering) of the Photoshop program. But it has a dual purpose. In a student population that is 80 % minority it provides an opportunity to advance ethnic pride and make the subject matter more interesting and relevant to students’ daily lives. ..."
    You can download both lessons in Microsoft Word format here: Download Stamp Lessons (cc)

    A.J's Artistamp Books list from Powell's Books in Portland, OR, USA

    a few (3) books c.200911 ; esp see 'La Mas Bella' (a mag. from Spain) w/YouTube videos.



    Other Resources


  • Rick Scott's (2000-2001)
    Rick Scott ; '404' c.2009 but I captured his files... comin' soon! - ;)


  • Stefano Adinolfi & Casper Boks (1997-2001)
    'Here you can identify your weird stamps and at the same time help other people out' - When this site was first conceived, we used this silly name for a title. Still, it says what it is so we do not want to change it.'; cc


  • Guy Maggay's Marques Postales (& Guy Maggay's Classic French Stamps) (CD Rom available)
  • Old: (early ver.) '404' c.2009
    &: (early ver.); '404' c.2009)
    &: -> (forwards to current + below)
    &: ('404' c.200905)

  • Linn's Symbols help identify stamps, Rick Miller ( Mar 10, 2003 )
  • Linn's Stamp identification, Michael Baadke ( May 17, 1999 )
  • a shameless plug! - and so it should be!!! ajw
  • Linn's Postmarks and cancellations, Michael Baadke (May 10, 1999)
  • Linn's Overprints, Michael Baadke ( May 3, 1999 )


  • Linn's refresher course on: Fakes (Rick Miller Aug 8, 2005 )
  • "The names of some forgers might surprise you. They include stamp-catalog producers J. Walter Scott and Edward Stanley Gibbons and philatelic author and dealer A.C. Roessler..."
  • Linn's Fakes and Forgeries - Janet Klug ( July 21, 2003)
  • (future Pres. of APS defines terms!)
  • Linn's Fakes and forgeries (Michael Baadke Dec. 4, 2000 )

  • Linn's on Official seals, Michael Baadke (Apr 6, 1998) :
  • Generally 1st used in the US 'to seal large "registered packages" containing registered letters that were being transported, thereby preventing tampering..'
    Later used by dead letter offices to re-close mail when undeliverable mail was opened in an attempt to obtain needed delivery information.
    More currently, Official seals are commonly used to reseal damaged envelopes...

  • Parcel Stamp Group, Haugliveien 10, NO-4020 STAVANGER, Norway. E-Mail [email protected]
  • The Carriers And Locals Society (of the USA)
  • Featuring: Collecting US Locals
    &: A List of Carrier and Private Post Stamps by State and City - by John Bowman (cc)
    &: other publications online
  • Cinderella Stamp Club


  • See Also: Stamp Dealers

    Geographical 'Data'

  • Flagsofmicronations (link good c.2009)
  • "This is a project administrated by the Ayrd micronation." (link: '404' c.2009) (cc +-)

  • Wikipedia's Micronations entry (lists many).
  • &: Wikipedia's other url for: Micronation (not plural but good discussion)

  • 1,014 Phantom Nations
  • {from the Italian Center for Resistance Philately (CIFR) forum (in Italian)}
    at bottom: "... on the base of two web sites:" One lists Micronations and the other Phantom nations.
    1. (now '404' c.20091028)
    {Welcome to Venia - The Capital City of The Country of Zzanduria
    The Home of the First Democratic Country on the Internet, established March 1, 1997.
    (but not the data refered to.. c.200906)}
    2. ('404' c.200906)

    "It must be checked which of them, if any, has issued stamps! - 12th May 2003" (cc)

  • Philatelic Geography (a wonderful work - ed. c.200906)
  • Zenonas Zebrauskas, @, S. Zukausko 19 - 10, LT-49312, Kaunas, Lithuania
    (esp. perfins: Denmark (a-i great images; great listings after), .., Belgium's 10% reduction)
    (a few Cinderellas, a great Railway section and a Bus Post in Denmark too ...)
    (German perfins used in France! {see 'France'}, Germany Railway Local Posts!)
    (British ' Private Islands issues' (some cinderellas), and: British ' Railway posts' !!!)
    (British Scout post issues (see also: scouts)), (British strike posts ...)
    (Perfins of Hungary; but not one image {except in 'numbers', 'symbols' & 'officials'} ;< )
    (Irish 'Strike post' (1971); not interwoven with others!)
    (Italian perfins!) (South African perfins & Railway stamps) and so much more!!!
    One bad page:

  • David A. Wyatt's Stamp Issuing Entities List (cc)

  • UNPO - Unrepresented Nations and People Organization
  • (or, as I like it: Unrecognized Nations & Peoples...)
    "Conflict prevention and resolution has been one of the main tasks of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, or UNPO, since it’s founding in February 11, 1991. For instance, between 1992 and 2002 UNPO has sent 10 delegations to its member areas such as Abkhazia, Georgia, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Chechenia, Ingushetia, North Osetia, Ogoni, Zanzibar, Hawai, Tibet and South Moluccas in order to investigate and report on members situations or facilitate a peaceful outcome of disputes. UNPO mission reports were often the first, or among the first, in-depth coverage of these situations. Reports were broadly distributed to concerned international sectors and action programs were developed.
    However, UNPO's efforts are merely a drop in a vast ocean. According to present estimates, there are almost 6,500 nations, peoples, minorities and indigenous peoples in the world. Of that, less that 200 are represented in the United Nations. The remaining unrepresented nations and peoples live within the borders of the present nations-states, which they then form a voluntary or involuntary part of. ... Many nation-states whose main task it is to protect, promote and represent the interests of its population often do not fulfill their functions. Consequently, many of these unrepresented nations and peoples do not recognize these oppressive state-governments as their legitimate representatives. ... The Uighurs [for example], who are facing political oppression, cultural assimilation, economic exploitation, racial discrimination, ecological destruction, arbitrary arrest, torture and executions at the hand of the Chinese Communist rulers are no exception. For more than 50 years the Uighurs have continuously appealed to the international community asking them to seriously consider their grievances, desires and demands. But the international community paid no head. As a result, many young Uighurs, in their hopelessness, frustration and desperation have gradually abandoned the path of non-violence in order to draw the attention of the internal community.
    ... The right to self-determination is a fundamental right enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, the International Covenant of Human Rights and the Covenant of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. These instruments state that "all peoples have a right to self-determination" and that "by virtue of that right they are free to determine, without external interference, their political status to pursue their economic, social and cultural development." The United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, which took place in Vienna in June 1993, affirmed that the right to self- determination is a part of international law on human rights. At the same time, it is recognized that compliance with the right of self-determination is a fundamental condition for the enjoyment of other human rights and fundamental freedoms, be they civil, political, economic, social or cultural. " (Sunday, 01 December 2002)
  • International Council of Independent States (mostly fantasy land..but... ;)
  • features Occussi-Ambeno et al.. (most issue stamps)
    old: ('404' c.200906)
    Philatelic Geography Ref.: ICIS
    & a copy of a modified alternate page of his.
  • Wikipedia
  • Google


    N   O   T   E   S
  • Robert A. Siegel ; used siegel img id-22 city dispatch ; develope a crediting system for SAN
  • id-87.htm: chosing 1st or 'a' 'key' term to index (not always 'obvious'); may want to add others...
  • Perfin / Spif - pin hole cancel (example): Rick Scott's 443 UPO's (Unk222) above (Europe (2) (G countries); several other items to mine!)



    Specialty websites of note.:


  • The Messina-Reggio Earthquake: Commemorative Relief Stamps, compiled by Gregg Patruno (cc)
  • Messina Earthquake Triangles (Pfennigs) (in the Witt cinderella reference collection at
  • Noted one strip of these on Rigastamps eBay sale c.20090619 & saved it
  • Volcanoes on Stamps, by Jim Whitford-Stark
  • Ship Local Stamps : Beyond the Catalog (cc), by Thomas Kendall
  • First Issues of the world, by Thomas Kendall

    Issue Types:

  • United States Two-Cent Revenue Stamped Paper - The Civil War Designs, Bob Hohertz (excerpt)
  • What the R's Are (& Aren't), Bob Hohertz (cc)
  • used some images for amending Linn's Alphabet soup article cc (Scott catalog prefixes and suffixes)

  • (cc c.1899)

  • Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads, by Terry Cox
  • An online guidebook and catalog of prices (400+ pages! - ed.; cc: Imprinted Revenues)
    {cited in Linn's Alphabet soup article cc (Scott catalog prefixes and suffixes)}

    He notes, "In order to help finance the Civil War (and, later, the Spanish American War - ed.), the U.S. government collected a few cents from every official transaction that involved the exchange of money. For instance, the government collected revenue from the sale of deeds, mining claims, mortgages, insurance policies, receipts, playing cards, and, of course, stocks and bonds. Initially, revenue was collected by attaching adhesive revenue stamps to documents. Revenue stamps are plentiful on checks, drafts, and warrants.

    "It quickly became apparent that adhesive stamps were cumbersome, so Congress enacted a law effective October 1, 1862 allowing revenue stamps to be pre-printed on certain kinds of documents. ..."

    TCox & Associates, Inc.
    Terry Cox
    9989 W. 60th Ave, Suite 250
    Arvada, CO 80004 USA
  • [email protected], [email protected]

  • See Also:
    Dealers : Revenues


    Catalogues used or cited:
  • Ceres (Editions Philatéliques de Paris : Les Catalogues Ceres Philatélie)
  • (& ?: Cérès Philatélie) (French Catalog or magazine?)
    Cite: PALISSY, B.
  • Gibbons (English/UK Catalogues)
  • Michel (German Catalogue)
  • Note: they have an 'online' version for a monthly fee.
  • Scott Catalogues ; see also for: Scott Catalogues)
  • Cite: L'OCEANIE
    Cite: O.H.B.M.S.
    See Also: Linn's Refresher Course(s) :
    Alphabet soup: Scott catalog prefixes and suffixes, Rick Miller, Jan. 26, 2004. (cc; amended.)
  • Yvert et Tellier - Éditions Yvert et Tellier (French Catalogues)

    See Also: ASCAT c.2009

  • An International Association of Publishers of Stamp Catalogues, Albums, and Philatelic Magazines:
    ASCAT [email protected]
    ASCAT members Company name : Adress, PO code City, Country :

    Aarhus Frimærkehandel A/S : Søndergade 32/PO Box 6, 8100 AARHUS C, DENMARK
    AFA Forlaget : c/o Nordfrim, Kvindevadet 42, 5450 OTTERUP, DENMARK : @
    Artphila : P.O. Box 295 ,11127 PRAHA 1, CZECH REPUBLIC (retail only?)
    Austria Netto Katalog : Taborstr. 49, 1020 Vienna, AUSTRIA
    C. E. I. : Via Val Grana 8, 00141 ROMA, ITALY :
    (Italian Catalogue & and 'Sovereign Military Order of Malta')
    C.P.B.N.T.P. - B.B.K.P.H. (Belgian Stamp Dealers Assoc.):
    Gal. du Centre - Bureau 343, 1000 BRUXELLES, BELGIUM : @
    Cérès Philatélie : 23, rue du Louvre, 75041 PARIS CEDEX 01, FRANCE
    Cronaca Filatelica : Via E. Fermi 24 Osmannoro, 50019 SESTO FIORENTINO, ITALY (magazine)
    Dallay : 31 rue des Bourdonnais, 75001 PARIS, FRANCE :
    (specialized catalogue for Andorra, Monaco, Europa..)
    Edifil s. a. : Calle Mayor 29, 28013 MADRID, SPAIN
    Editions Yvert & Tellier : 37, rue des Jacobins, 80036 AMIENS CEDEX 01, FRANCE
    Ernesto Marini s.r.l. : Via Struppa 300, 16165 GENOVA, ITALY (magazine & albums)


    Comercial links embedded:
  • James MacKay; PONEY'S POSTE ( book search)
  • Scott Catalogues (via above)
  • My list of Artistamp books at Powell's Books


    Promises made:
  • Picture pending.. (Chiapas issue)
  • Picture pending.. (Ahad Zind issue)


    Thoughts on divisions:

  • Rough:
  • 1.) Official (A UPU listed entity)
    2.) Semi-official (sanctioned by a UPU listed entity;
    e.g. Canadia Semi-Official Airmails, many 'Local Posts')
    3.) Unofficial (sic) issues (e.g. bogus stamps, cinderellas/fantasies, micronations ...)

  • Other (research or geographical data):
  • Supra-National Organisations (a listing c.2009)
    Including : Humanitarian Organisations, Environmental Organisations


    Stamp Dealers of Note

    (frankly there are so many I am embarassed so few are listed here!!)

  • Number Ones (1) of the World (a .com)

    >Stamp Dealers : Specialized in Semi & Un Officials et al:

  • (from Cinderellas to Revenues to Artistamps to whatever..)

  • Connecticut Cinderellas & Glass Slipper Auctions
  • Hosting a: List of Handbooks and Catalogues of Interest to Cinderella collectors
    (90% Revenues, 5% Cinderellas +-) (cc)
    "Specializing in Revenue Stamps, Thematic Poster Stamps, Bogus & Fantasy Stamps, Local Stamps, Semi-Official Airmails, Charity Seals (including Christmas & TB), Hotel, Railroad, Ship & Airline Baggage Labels, and all other Cinderella Stamps and small format Ephemera."

  • Rigastamps.Biz
  • Roger & Bonnie Riga, Eaton, Ohio, Phone: 1-937-456-3329
    "The Source for Alternative Philately"
    Cite: 'Cinderella' definition above. (from old site; see 'nb' below)
    They also operate '' (featuring the .biz url)
    - "as a resource for "Cinderella" stamp collectors." (cited above twice)
    Cyber-Cinderellas, "as much a collectible as their paper cousins."
    The Richard C. Witt Cinderella Reference Collection
    "..Although the collection itself has been been broken up and sold to many individuals, we are pleased to display here the hundreds of images that were retained in our files. We hope that they will serve as a useful reference tool to cinderella collectors and as a fitting tribute to the man whose collection they depict."

    nb.: June 2009,
    in the few days studying the Rigas, their former url now forwards to their ebay site! - ed.
    See Also:

    > Stamp Dealers : Specialized in Revenues

  • Featuring: Forbin's Catalogue de Timbres-Fiscaux
    "last published in 1915, has long been considered the definitive reference on revenue stamps of the world. Now this essential work is available (now only) online!" (for a fee!; used to be available on a CD; anyone got one? - ed.)
    And the Shift Hunter Letters (online .pdf)
    on plating the U.S. Revenues - c.1930's (cc)
    And: ' An eBay Store maintained by: cd-sniper!'
    'Sniping' around revels this is a 'Rigastamps' enterprise!

    See Also:

    Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps (a 'top' dealer!)

    Connecticut Cinderellas (above)

    > Stamp Dealers : Specialized in Postal History

  • L. D. Mayo Postal History; extensive images of same.

    > Stamp Dealers : Specialized in United States

  • Mostly Classics (articles, US Classics, Expertization), by Thomas Kendall (noted above)
  • Also provides 'Free' US album pages (specialized) (cc)

    See Also:
    AJ's World Stamp Dealers Directory : Topical Index : Cinderellas



    Google Book Search : Allan Taylor, Paraguay (forger): see pgs 116-117.
    Or via: Stamp Collector's Magazine (1869)

  • Stamp Collector's Magazine (1863)

  • Stamp Collector's Magazine (1866)

  • Stamp Collector's Magazine (1867)

  • Stamp Collector's Magazine (1868)

  • Stamp Collector's Annual (1881)

  • The philatelist: an illustrated magazine for stamp collectors‎ (1874)

  • History of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America‎
  • by John Kerr Tiffany (c.1886)

  • The Illustrated Calalogue of Postage Stamps, Gray (1874)

  • The history of the postmarks of the British Isles from 1840 to 1876, John G. Hendy, pub.: Stanley Gibbons, c.1909 (cc)
    (compiled chiefly from official records (1909))

  • Chats on postage stamps (c.1911), Author: Frederick John Melville {1882-1940}

  • A list of more than 30 online texts on 'stamp collecting', The Internet ''
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  • Jan Langenberg's Philatelic links (c.2009.09)


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