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in {curly brackets} are literals or transliterations,
in [square brackets] are sources.
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A (overprint on stamps of South Australia):- officials (1868-74)
A (overprint on stamps of Colombia):- airmail, Avianca airlines
A (pre-adhesive handstamp):- Arme Autrichienne (Austrian Army)
A (pre-adhesive handstamp):- Autriche - French transit mark
A BETALE-PORTOMAERKE Norway postage dues
A CERTO (overprint on stamps of Peru):- Ancachs (1884)
A M ΔPAXMH (overprint on stamps of Greece):-
A M POST Germany- Allied military government (1945-46)
A PAYER Luxembourg (to be paid)
A PAYER TE BETALEN Belgium, Belgian Congo, postage dues
A PERCEVOIR Belgium, France, French Colonies {To Collect}
A RECEBER Portugal, Portuguese Colonies: postage dues {To Be Received}
A. & T. (overprint on French Colonies): Annam and Tonkin
A.B. (overprint on stamps of Russia): Far Eastern Republic (1923)
A.C.C.P. Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic
A.E.D. found on prepaid mail from Kingdom of Sardinia to France (1827-)
A.E.F. (French Equatorial Africa {Afrique Equatoriale Francaise})
A.F.F.P. {Abyssinian Field Post Office} (British 1869)
A.F.I.S. (Italian Trusteeship of Somalia {Amministrazione Fiduciaria Itliana della Somalia})
A.G. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): {Attorney General}: officials (1868-74)
A.H. PD. (overprint on stamps of Portugal): Angra, Horta, Ponta Delgada (for use in Azores) (1906-10)
A.M. (overprint on stamps of Greece): {Axia Metalliki (value in coin)}
A.M.G.-V.G.via (overprint on stamps of Italy): {Allied Millitary Government - Venezia Giulia (Allied occupation of Venezia Giulia)} (1945-47)
A.O. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): {Audit Office}: officials (1868-74)
A.O. (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1918) {Afrique Orientale (East Africa)}
A.O.F. (overprint on stamps of France): French West Africa {Afrique Occidentale Francaise}: semipostals 1945
A.O.I. (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italian East Africa: postage dues (1941)
A.R. Colombia, Panama, Chile: (Advice of Receipt {Aviso de Recepcion})
A3БAИДЖAЯ Azerbaijan
AALESUND Norway- Aalesund: local post (1880)
AANGEBRAGT PER LAND-MAIL Netherlands Indies: Postage Due (1845-46)
AAYMAN ISLANDS (bogus - as is: Dayman, Layman, Nayman, Sayman, Yayman, etc.): British Colonial Royal Wedding - frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers." [is]
ABASI (currency): Afghanistan
ABD AL KURI (bogus): (Small island in Indian Ocean between Socotra and Horn Of Africa.) [is]
ABKHAZIA (bogus): Part of Georgia in Asia. [is]
ABLOSUNG Prussia: local officials
ABNA ПOYRA (overprint on stamps of Russia): airmails
ABNO ПOЧTOBЯ Russia airmails
ABOMINABLE SNOWMANIA (bogus): Punch magazine cover parody. [ap]
ABYSSINIA (another name for Ethiopia)
ACAMBARO (bogus): Mexico provisional issue produced in 1893 simulating 1867 issue. [is]
ACAPONETA (bogus): Mexican revolutionary provisional overprint on Mexico 1910 issue. [is]
ACCISE (and) EXCISE Canada: revenue stamp
ACCR (bogus): Antarctic Confederation of City Republics. [is]
ACFT (bogus): Antarctic Confederation of Federal Territories. [is]
ACHTERDIJK (bogus:) (Behind the Dike - a Donald Evans issue) Holland. [is]
ACO Hbi ATPAD White Russia
ACORESvia Azores
ADALUNCATIFF (bogus): No Information Available. [is]
ADDIS ABEBAvia Rick Scott Ethiopia: Revenue used as postage? [rs]
ADIGEY (bogus): Russian local overprint. [is]
ADJARIA (bogus): Russian issue. [ap]
ADJUDANI (bogus): Donald Evans issue. Subject: Persia. [is]
ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL Great Britain: officials
ADRIA-ALPENVORLAND (bogus): Never issued German occupation locals printed in Vienna (1945) [is]
AEПTA Epirus
AEПTA via (overprint on stamps of Greece): Epirus
AENT Epirus
AERO CORREOvia (overprint on stamps of Honduras): {Air Mail}
AFFRANCHI AINSI-FATUE FIGURINE (overprint): Madagascar or Diego Suarez : used during stamp shortage
AFFRANCHts (overprint / a precancel in France, Morocco, Andorra, Monaco): officials (for government mail)
AFGHAN Afghanistan
AFGHANESvia Afghanistan
AFRICA CORREIOS Portuguese Africa
AFRICA ORIENTALE ITALIANA Italian East Africa (consisting of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia) (1936)
AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Gabon): French Equaitorial Africa
AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): French Equatorial Africa
AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint with bars): French Equatorial Africa
AFRIQUE FRANCAISE COMBATTANTE French Equatorial Africa semipostals
AGRICULTURE, Dept. of img from Siegel sale#973 via SAN ('U' under 'S' upper right): United States - Official: Agriculture Dept. (1879 issue here) [Siegel via san]
AIDEZ LES TUBERCULEUX (surtax overprint): Tunisia semipostals
AHU'A (bogus): Fantasy stamp from Burma. [is]
AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of Cook Islands): Aitutaki
AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): Aitutaki
AJANLAS (overprint on stamps of Hungary): registration stamps (1946)
Ajl.1, Ajl.2 (overprint on stamps of Hungary): registration stamps (1946)
AKATA (bogus): Fantasy issue from the Philippines. [is]
AKTIESELSKABET NYKJOBING via Rick Scott Denmark: Ferry Stamp for 'Aktieselskabet Nykjobing Kystfart' (1897) [rs] Listed: Hasle #4, also in 'Tester'..possibly in 'Ringstrom'..
ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of France): Alaouites
ALAOUITES (overprint on stamps of Syria): Alaouites
ALBANIA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Albania (1902-7)
ALBANIAN GOVERNMENT IN EXILE (bogus): Freedom movement in exile. [is]
ALBANIE CENTRALE Central Albania (1915)
ALCANCE Y.U.H. Uruguay late fee stamps
ALDABRA images via Kingdom of Aldabra - A modern micronation member of ICIS on an atoll in the Seychell islands: @ [info, data, aj] click to enlarge
ALEXANDRIA (bogus): from the 1860's featuring an elephant. [is]
ALEXANDRIEvia (overprint of stamps of France): French Offices in Egypt- Alexandria.
ALFABETIZACION (overprint on stamps of Ecuador): adult education propoganda
ALGERIE-POSTESimage via Shreves sale #52 via SAN Algeria (here a semipostal: 5 +5)
ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND (overprint on stamps of Germany): Belgian occupation (1919-21)
ALLENDE (bogus overprint on stamp of Mexicao: 5-centavo stamp of the 1910 issue.) (circa 1914) [is]
ALLIED MILITARY POSTAGE Germany- Allied military government (1945-6)
ALTAI (or) ALTAY (bogus): Russian issue. [ap]
ALTAJ (bogus): Russian local overprint. [is]
ALTO COMMISSARIATO (overprint on stamps of Yugoslav): Italy
ALUALA (bogus): a Donald Evans issue. [is]
AMAZONIA (bogus): Near Brazil and French Guiana. Connected with the bogus state of Counani. [is]
AMBULANTE LAQUINTINIE (overprint on stamps of Camerouns): semipostal
AMG-FTTvia (overprint on stamps of Italy): {Allied Millitary Government - Free Territory of Trieste} (1947-54)
AMIS AND AMANTS (bogus): South Pacific Islands about friendship and love. A Donald Evans issue. [is]
AMORA (bogus): Advertisement created to sell chocolates on Valentines Day. [is]
AMSTERDAO (overprint on stamps of Portugal): private overprint to send Olympic athletes to Amsterdam
AMTLICH ERPFFNET BURCH DIE K.W. POSTDIRECTION German States-Wurttemberg: return letter stamps
AMTLICHER VERKEHR German States-Wurttemberg, officials
AMUNDSEN HARBOR (bogus): Antarctic fantasy. [is]
AMUR (bogus): USSR / Siberian province. The People's Revolutionary Committee issued stamps in 1920. [is]
AMURSKAVA (bogus): Russian issue. [ap]
ANDORRA (overprint on stamps of Spain): Andorra- Spanish sector
ANDORRE via (overprint on stamps of France): Andorra- French sector
ANHAPA DINERA (currency): Yugoslavia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
ANGLET (bogus): Supposed republic for dogs. France. [is]
ANGOLA GOVERNMENT IN EXILE (bogus): Supposed freedom issues for Angola. A Henry Stull fantasy; once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors." [is]
ANKARA (bogus): Turkish capital with stamps issued after WW II by Nationalist Revolutionists. [is]
ANNA (currency): British East Africa, India, Indian States, Mesopotamia, Zanzibar, Pakistan
ANNA (currency surcharged on stamps of France): France- Offices in Zanzibar
ANNA (currency surcharged on stamps of Great Britain): Muscat & Oman
ANOTADO (overprint on stamps of Mexico): Provisional (1872)
ANTARCTICA (bogus): 1954 expedition labels. [is]
ANTIOQUIA Colombia- Antioquia (1868-1904)
ANTIQUA (bogus): Donald Evans issue: Maine, USA [is]
APURIMAC Peru- Apurimac- Chilean occupation (1885)
ARABIA (bogus): Triangular bogus stamp issue of stamps of Arabia from the 1920's. [is]
ARAMOANA (bogus): Independent state in New Zealand. [is]
ARAN, REPUBLIC OF (ARAN ISLANDS) (bogus overprint): from Ireland (1967). [ap]
ARBAH (bogus): One of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book: Griffin & Sabine. [is]
ARCHIPIELAGO DE COLON (bogus): Ecuador. [is]
ARCOUDI (bogus): Greek Island stamps repudiated by government in 1963. [ap]
AREQUIPA Peru- Arequipa: Chilean occupation (1881)
ARF (pre-adhesive handstamp): {Austriche Rayon Frontiere (Austrian Border Radius)}: on mail from Lombardy Venetia to Kingdom of Sardinia
ARMENWET (overprint on stamps of Netherlands): Netherlands and colonies: officials (Poor Regulations)
ARMY OFFICIAL (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): officials (1896-1904)
ARMY OFFICIAL via (overprint on stamps of Sudan): officials (1905)
ARTS FESTIVAL ST. KITTS (overprint on stamps of St. Kitts): St. Kitts- Nevis (1964)
ARVIZKAROSULTAKNAK KULON (overprint on stamps of Hungary): {For the Flood Sufferers, Extra} (1913)
ASCENSION via (overprint on stamps of St. Helena): Ascension
ASEGURADO Spanish speaking countries {Insured}
ASISTENTA SOCIALA Romania postal tax stamps
ASSAB (bogus): overprint on stamps of Italy. Possible Ethiopian city on the Red Sea. (1880) [is]
ASSELIJN (bogus): Donald Evans issue taken from name of an Amsterdam, Netherlands gallery. [is]
ASSICURATO Italian speaking countries {Insured}.
ASSISTENCIA NACIONAL AOS TUBURCULOSES- PORTE FRANCO Portugal: franchise stamps (National Assistance for Tuberculosis)
ASSISTENCIA PUBLICA Portuguese India and Mozambique: postal tax stamps (Public Assistance)
ASSISTENCIA- D. L. no. 72 (overprint): Timor: social welfare
ASUNCION (underprint): Paraguay officials for 350th anniversary of the capital (1886)
AT BETALE Norway: postage dues {To Pay}
AT TAWAL (Bogus Overprint on stamps of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia): Disputed neutral zone in Arabia. [is]
ATJEH (bogus): Sumatra: Supposed vassal state issued in early 1880's; possible 1892. [is]
ATLANTIAN EMPIREimages via listed 'info' website: Issue #1 here! One of the Austrialian secessionist 'states' with labels (1982-85) 'for the carriage of mail between Atlantian Citizens resident in Australia, and many were postmarked by both Atlantian and Australian postal authorities.' [info, aj] - after '85: cf. Atlantium, Empire of click to enlarge
ATLANTISvia Rick Scott (trianges): "I was trying to 'complete' my collection of Atlantis when I realized that this value was not listed in Bourdi, which I thought had the most complete listing of Atlantis. I also found a different color of the 7 skaloj value. Any other collectors out there with more complete information?" [Rick Scott]
ATLANTIS Y LEMURIA ('overprints on stamps of Atlantis') [ap]
ATLANTIS Y MU 'equivalent of Atlantis stamps' [ap] overprint? stamp?
ATLANTIS, KINGDOM OF A Henry Stull fantasy (he was once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors.") [ap]
ATLANTIS, NEW A raft moored off Jamaica. [ap]
ATLANTIUM, EMPIRE OF via info website (bogus): Unrecognized secessionist "state" in Australia. [is, info]. See Also: Atlantian Empire
ATT (currency surcharges on stamps of Siam): Thailand (1893-1908)
AUCKLAND ISLANDS (bogus): New Zealand; 200 miles south of Stewart Island. Issued in 1915 for General Grant Expedition. [ap]
AUNUS (overprint on stamps of Finland): Russia- Finnish occupation (1919)
AUR (currency): Iceland
AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC TERRITORY Australia- Australian Antarctic Territory
AUSTRIAvia Austria (first issue 1850)
AUTOPAKETTI Finland: parcel post stamps
AUTTIALLA STATE (overprint misspelling error on stamps of India): India- Patiala (1885)
AVION MESSRE TAFARI Ethiopia: air mails
AVIONSKA POSTA Yugoslavia: air mails
AVIS DE RECEPCION El Salvador: acknowledgement of receipt stamps
AVISO DE RECEPACION El Salvador: acknowledgement of receipt stamps
AVISPORTO MAERKA Denmark: newspaper stamps
AVISPORTO MAERKEvia Denmark: newspaper stamps
AVO (S) Macao or Timor
AYACUCHO Peru- Ayacucho: Chilean occupation (1881)
AYUDA EL ECUADOR (overprint on stamps of Paraguay): semipostals
AYUNTAMIENTO DE BARCELONA Spain: Postal Tax {City Gov't of Barcelona}
AZAD HIND (bogus): Unissued German "Free India" stamps [is] Actual stamp on file; pending photo..; ajw
AZERBAIDJAN Azerbaijan (1919-22)


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