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* Note: Terms in (parenthesis) are explanatory,

in {curly brackets} are literals or transliterations,
in [square brackets] are sources.
MarkingDescription *@
M (overprint on stamps of Belgium): military parcel posts
M & I. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French (in oblong frame) {MAURICE ET INDIES (Mauritius and the Indies)} (1835)
M-S. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Mis-sort} (1826)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Belgian (in two circles) {MALINES} (1787)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Belgian {MENIN} (1760-1800)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Canadian {MONTREAL} (1774)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Dutch (fancy type in circle) {MIDDELBURG} (1763-89)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Dutch Indies {MADASSAR}
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {MITTELWALDE} (in Silesian Prussia) (1815-23)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Irish (preceded by abbreviated month and date) {Morning} (1774-1809)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {MILANO (or) MONTEBELLUNO}
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Swiss {Morgen (Morning)} (1839)
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Venetian {MONTEBELLUNO} (1732-34)
M. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Military}
M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Spanish {MADRID (or) MANRESA}
M. KIR. Hungary (1916)
M. R. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Manager of Railways}
M. R. G. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Main Roads Gambierton}
M.A. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Agriculture}
M.A.L. Cancellation of British Forces in North and East Africa {Military Authority Lira}
M.B. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials (1868-74) {Marine Board}
M.B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {MANGROVE BAY (Bermuda)} (1865)
M.B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Moveable Box} (1844-1939)
M.B.D. (overprint on stamps of India): Nandgaon: officials (1893-95)
M.D.G.A. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Prussian {Ministerium der Geistlichen Angelegenheiten} (Disinfection mark on cholera letters)
M.E.F. (pre-adhesive handstamp): British {Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force} (1914-18 World War I)
M.E.F. (overprint on stamps of Italian East Africa): {Middle East Forces} (1942-1952)
M.E.F. (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa (1942-50) {Middle East Forces}
M.G. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of War}
M.H. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Finance}
M.I. (overprint on stamps of Argentina ): officials {Ministry of Interior}
M.J.I. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Justice and Education}
M.M. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Marine}
M.O.P. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Public Works}
M.P.O. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Egyptian - Military Post Office
M.R. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Maison du Roi (Royal Household)} (1838-47)
M.R. (overprint on stamps of South Australia): officials {Manager of Railways}
M.R.C. (overprint on stamps of Argentina): officials {Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion}
M.R.D.G. ?
M.S. (pre-adhesive handstamp): German {MECKLENBURG-SCHWERIN}
M.S.G.A. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {Marchese San Giacinto Amministratore} (della Posta Naples) (is the verification of the postage due) (1830-35)
M.V.i.R. (overprint on stamps of Romania): Romania- German occupation (1917-18) {Militar Verwaltung in Rumanien (Military Administration of Romania)}
MADAGASCAR (overprint on stamps of France): Madagascar (1895)
MADEIRA (overprint on stamps of Portugal): Madeira (1868-98)
MADERANERTHAL Switzerland: hotel local stamp
MADRID Spain (1920-30)
MAFEKING (overprint on stamps of Bechuanaland): Cape of Good Hope (1900)
MAFEKING (overprint on stamps of Cape of Good Hope): (1900)
MAFEKING SEIGE Cape of Good Hope: (With Colonel Baden-Powell who later founded the Boy Scouts) (1900) [info: cc]
MAGAZON A MOROC Sultanate of Morocco: (local issue of questionable repute) (1891) {Mazagan to Morocco}
MAGAZON MARAKECH Sultanate of Morocco: (local issue of questionable repute) (1893) {Mazagan to Marakesh}
MAGYAR Hungary
MAGYAR KIR. HIRLAP BELYEG Hungary: newspaper tax stamps
MAGYAR KIR.POSTA Hungary {Hungarian Royal Post} (aka: MAGYAR KIRALYN POSTA ?)
MAGYAR NEMZETI KORMANY SZEGED (overprint on stamps of Hungary): Szeged- Serbian occupation (1919) {Hungarian People’s Government Szeged}
MAGYAR NEPKOZTARSASAG Hungary (1919) {People’s Popular Republic}
MAGYAR TANACS KOZTARSASAG Hungary (1919) {Hungarian Soviet Republic}
MAGYARORSZAG Hungary (1925) {Hungarian State}
MAI GT. PRE. 1902 (overprint on stamps of Haiti): (1902) {Gouvernement Provisoire (Provisional Government)}
MALACCA Malaya state (now 'Melaka' c.1963 [zz])
MALAGA (overprint on stamps of Spain): revolutionary issues {Malaga} (1937)
MALAGA ARRIBA ESPANA (overprint on stamps of Spain- Malaga): revenues
MALAGASY Madagascar (1961-present)
MALAYA (overprint over portrait of Sultan): Malaya- Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Selanegor or Trengganu
MALAYA (overprint over picture of mosque): Selangor
MALAYA (overprint over picture of State Arms): Negri Sembilan
MALAYA BORNEO EXHIBITION (overprint on various stamps of Malayan States)
MALAYA PERLIS Malaya- Perlis
MALAYAN POSTAL UNION Malaya: postage dues (1945)
MALDIVES (overprint on stamps of Ceylon): Maldives Islands (1906-09)
MALGACHE Madagascar (1959-61)
MALMEDY (overprint on stamps of Belgium): Germany- Belgian occupation of Melmedy (1920-21)
MALUKA SELATAN South Moloccas (Indonesian private issues)
MANAMA Ajman- Manama
MANDAT Netherlands: money order stamps (1894)
MANGALIA Romania- Mangalia : [Rick Scott] asks, "local or revenue?"
MANIZALES Colombia- Manizales
MAPKA Russia, Finland or Serbia
MARIANAS ESPANOL (overprint on stamps of Spain): Mariana Islands (1899)
MARIANEN Mariana Islands (1899-1919)
MARIENWERDER (overprint on stamps of Germany): Marienwerder plebescite (1920)
MARK (currency): Finland, Germany
MARKA (currency): Estonia (1919-28), Russia.
MARKAA (currency): Finland
MARKKA (currency): Finland
MAROC French Morocco, Morocco
MAROCCO (overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Morocco
MAROKKO (overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Morocco (1911)
MARRUECOS Morocco- Northern Zone (1956-58)
MARRUECOS (overprint on stamps of Spain): Spanish Morocco
MARRUECOS ESPANOL Spanish Morocco- Northern Zone
MARSHALL-INSELN Marshall lslands
MARTINIQUE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Martinique (1886-92)
MAT TUAN D.T.G.P. MIEN NAM VIET NAM National Front for the liberation of South Vietnam
MAURITIUS Mauritius: Post Paid (1848)
MAZATLAN (overprinton stamps of Mexico- Mazatlan): Mexico- Mazatlan (1916)
MBLEDHJA KUSHTETUGESE (overprint on stamps of Italy): Albania- Italian dominion (1939)
MBR SHQITARE Albania - air post
MBRETNIJA SHQIPTARE Albania- Italian occupation
MECKLENB. German States- Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1856-67)
MEDELLIN PROVISIONAL Colombia- Antioquia (1888-89)
MEDIA ONZA Spain, official stamps (1854-63)
MEJICO Mexico (1856-64)
MELAKA Malaysia state (aka: Malacca [zz])
MELAT-I-KAZERUN 1335 (overprint on stamps of Iran): unofficial rebellion overprint (1917)
MEMEL (overprint on stamps of France): Memel (1920-23)
MEMEL GEBIET Memel {Memel District}
MEMEL (with) FLUGPOST (overprint on stamps of France):- Memel (1920-23)
MEMEL (with) KLAIPEDA Memel- Lithuanian occupation (1923) (See Also: KLAIPEDA)
MENSAJERIAS Uruguay: special delivery stamps
MET. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Austrian {METKOVICH}
METELIN (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey (1910)
MEXICO TRANSITORIO Mexico- Sonora revenues
MIL (or) MILO (pre-adhesive handstamp): Italian {MILANO}
MILAN/F (or) MILAN/L (pre-adhesive handstamp): French (Two separate handstamps used at the French P.O. in Milan: {'L': Lombardo; 'F': unknown}) (1779)
MILANO/LF (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {MILAN / Lettre Francaise}
MILESIMA DE ESCUDO (currency): Spain.
MILESIMA DE PESO (currency): Spanish Colonies
MILESIMO (currency): Uruguay
MILIT. (POST) PORTOMARKE Bosnia and Herzegovina: military post postage dues
MILITAR POST, K.u.K. Bosnia and Herzegovina- Austrian Administration (1912)
MILITAR POST EILMARKE Bosnia and Herzegovina: special handling stamps
MILITARPOST Bosnia and Herzegovina (cf. above)
MILL. (or) MILLIEME(S) (currency surcharge on stamps of France- Offices in Egypt): Alexandria and Port Said (1921-28)
MM (pre-adhesive handstamp):- Italian - (monogram) MILAN (1764-93)
MN Korea (1884-95)
MOGADORO A MAROC Sultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1895) {Mogadoro to Morocco}
Mogy M.M. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Brazilian {MOGY MIRIM}
MOHΓOЛ ЩЧAAH Outer Mongolia
MOLOSSIA POST Republic of Molossia - a micronation founded 26 May 1977 and located on 3 properties spread through the USA. Stamps are available via their website or: Government of the Republic of Molossia, 226 Mary Lane, Dayton, NV 89403, USA, @ [info, aj]
Mon. B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Maison Biçêtre (Prison)} (1798-1900)
MONGTSEU (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Mongtseu (1903-9)
MONGTZE (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Mongtseu (1903-9)
MONISTIR (overprint on stamps of Turkey): Turkey, for royal visit of Sultan to Rumelia (1911) {City of Monistir}
MONSTER (overprint on stamps of Dutch): Dutch language countries {Specimen}
MONT ATHOS (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Mont Athos (1909-10)
MONTE CASSINO 1944 (overprint on stamps of Poland-Exile in Great Britain): Polish government in exile (1944)
MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Austria): Montenegro- Austrian occupation (1917-18)
MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Montenegro- Italian occupation (1941-42)
MONTEREY (overprint on stamps of Mexico- Monterey): Mexico- Monterey
MONTEVIDEO Uruguay- Montevideo (1858-67)
MONTMARTRE France- Paris: (my favorite part of Paris) - A curious fantasy, seen on eBay. [rs]. "According to Harry Rooke this set of 4 labels was prepared around 1923 by Girard & Bunino of Paris to publicise an exhibition of paintings. ..Unfortunately they were stolen in Rome. Beware the Train station in Rome!" [Ed Pieklo via rs]
MONTSERRAT (overprint on stamps of Antigua): Montserrat (1876)
MOQUEA (overprint on stamps of Peru- Moquegua- Chilean): Peru- Moquegua- Chilean occupation (1885)
MOQUEGUA (overprint on stamps of Peru- Moquegua): applied after regional earthquake (1881)
MOQUEGUA (overprint on stamps of Arequipa): Peru- Arequipa- Moquegua- Chilean occupation (1885)
MORA Ukraine
MORELIA (overprint on stamps of Mexico- Morelia): Mexico- Morelia
MOROC (bogus): Morocco with Red Cross overprint. Rick Scott asks, "Does this overprint exist on all five (bogus) stamps?"[rs]
MOROCCO AGENCIES (overprint on stamps of Gibraltar): Great Britain- Offices in Morocco
MOROCCO AGENCIES (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Morocco
MORVI India- Morvi (1931-48)
MOULINS B. (pre-adhesive handstamp): French {Moulins BOURBONNAIS} (1781-91)
MOYEN CONGO Middle Congo
MQE (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Martinique (1886-91)
Mü. (pre-adhesive handstamp): Prussian {MÜHLHAUSEN}
MUESTRA (overprint on stamps of Spanish): Spanish language countries {Specimen}
MULTA several countries, postage dues {Fined}
MULTADA Chile, postage dues {Fined}
MULTAS Ecuador, postage dues {Fined}
MUSCAT & OMAN Oman (1966-70)
MUSTER (overprint on stamps with German): German language countries (Specimen)
MYSORE Indian States- Mysore: Revenue (1920-30) [rs]


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