Miyano-sama - Plot Summary
Kudo Shinichi shrinks into Conan
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  • Shinichi accidentally witnesses men in black blackmailing someone for smuggling weapons.
  • The men in black force him to take a drug that turns him into a kid.
2 Following Professor Agasa suggestion, Shinichi moves to Ran's place in order to gather information about the men in black, and started calling himself Edogawa Conan
5 (In this Episode, Conan was supposed to discover the code names of men in black, but the story was edited in the anime, so there is no episode that Conan discover their names) No Image
48 Heiji first Appearance
49 Conan discovers a way to get back to his normal size temporarily by drinking some kind of Chinese Alcohol, known in Japan as "baikaru" (白乾児).
50 Conan discovers that this Alcohol only works on him when he has a fever, because the fever weakens his immune system.
54 Conan runs into another member of the Black Organization, called Tequila. Unfortunately the member dies in an accident before being able to gather any information from him.
58 Heiji discovers Conan's real identity.
118 Kazuha first Appearance
128 Conan meets Miyano Akemi, another member of Black Organization. Gin kills her before Conan is able to gather any clues about Black Organization.

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