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Science Fiction

Cover to issue #1 of Galaxion
A title Wandering Star Fans should love. Currently my choice as the top comic on the market.
Battle Angel Alita
Battle Angel Alita
About a girl who's a cyborg trying to find her way.  Wonderful title that reached its end in early 1998.
 LSH Shot
Legion of Super-Heroes
Started me on comics, will buy till the 30th century comes for real.  Superhero/S.F. title

Romantic Comedy/ Insanity

 Maison Ikkoku Gang Shot
Maison Ikkoku
If you like Strangers in Paradise I bet you'll love this too.
Oh My Goddess!
Another romantic comedy, but with 3 goddess' mixed in.
Ranma 1/2
Silly, silly, silly fun with a romance that never seems to pass first base.
Katchoo & Francine (Francine on the right)
Strangers in Paradise
Wonderful story - great for people wanting to get away from superheroes.


TM and (c) 1996 Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved Worldwide.
Still a very entertaining fantasy title, one of the oldest indies.
Poison Elves Logo
Poison Elves
Teri likes it, I like it, what else do you need?  Quite a bit darker than the rest of the fantasy titles.
Skeleton Key
Skeleton Key
All about a girl in Saskatchewan who finds the key that unlocks everything. Sadly this series has just ended...but it should return someday.

Family Fun

Akiko Herself
A wonderful title that follows the adventures of Akiko and her friends, mainly on the planet Smoo.
Amy Unbounded
This may be 'just' a mini-comic, but its the best mini there is. Do yourself a favour and follow the adventures of this mischievous little girl in medieval times.


Astro City Logo
Astro City
Imagine all of DC being covered in one title, written by Kurt Busiek
Marvel Family Web
Power of Shazam!
Jerry Ordway has brought this title back from the dead.
Starman Logo
A very different take on superheroes, without forgetting the past Starmen.


Copybook Tales
The Copybook Tales
Follow a couple of guys in two time periods. As teenage comic geeks and as 20-somthings trying to find their way in the world.
Lethargic Lad & his creator
Lethargic Lad
A title that takes parody of comics further than anyone else. Even if you don't know comics your bound to have fun.
Picture of Bitchy Bitch
Naughty Bits
Roberta Gregory has one sick mind at times, but a great read.


Jinx Logo
Thought I'd hate it but once I tried it I had to have the whole set.
 Stray Bullets Logo
Stray Bullets
Like Jinx, I thought I'd hate it but now its a top 10 for me.


Action Girl
Action Girl
An anthology title printed quarterly
Dreamwalker Logo
New series which is well worth the hunt to find.
A strange title which is based in the future but isn't really sci/fi. Hard to place, but well worth getting.
Image from Mermaids Never Cry
Mermaid Saga
Macabre fantasy from the writter of Ranma 1/2.  Rumiko Takahashi


And many more that I just cannot think of right now.



 Now & Then logo
Now & Then
One of the oldest comic stores in the world, and birthplace of Cerebus (OK, just where it was first sold)


Comic Book Legal Defence Fund
Comic Book Legal Defence Fund
Protects rights of comic book stores, creators, and readers.
Friends of Lulu's
Organization dedicated to helping get more women & girls involved in comics.

Useful Sites

Comic Book Sales
Here you can download an Excel file with sales levels for comics since September 1995
Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources
If its on the net, you'll find it here
What Kingdom Come could've been if Alan Moore's original story was used.
Comic Sites Alliance
Member of the Comic Sites Alliance

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