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Photo of Teri Sue Wood Teri Sue Wood was born on April 21st, 19?? (didn't think I'd risk her killing me just so you could know her real age eh?).  Her name came from a horse. 


From Wandering Star #7 I got the story.  Here it is in her own words. 

It all started a long time ago on a planet far, far away... 
Sorry.  Just couldn't help myself. 

Anyway, the story, okay. 

Mom and I were sitting around the house one day and I asked her, "Mom, was I named after anybody?" 

She regarded me for a minute and said, "Why do you ask, Teri?" 

"Well," I said, "Toby was named after a football player and Mary was named after you, so I was wondering, ya know?  Was I named after anybody?" 

There was a long pause.  "Sort of." 

"'Sort of'?" 

"You were named after a horse." 

"A HORSE???  I was named after a HORSE?  I don't believe this!  How come I'm named after a horse?" 

And so my mom, forever calm, told me the story.  You see, my dad was quite a gambler in his day, and one evening while he was in bed reading the racing paper next to his very pregnant wife, he suddenly said, "Hey, look, Dear!  There's a horse named 'Teri Sue'!  What a pretty name!  If we have a girl we'll call her that." 

And that's how it happened. 

"Wait a minute," I said.  "Thats it?  Isn't there some happy ending where Dad played a fiver on "Teri Sue" and won a bundle or something?" 

"No, he didn't bet anything on her.  He said she was a lousy horse, but she had a pretty name." 

"Oh, great." 

So, that's the story, kiddies.  Inspiring, isn't it? 

Ya'll go to sleep now and have pleasant dreams.

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