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Teri has finished Darklight #1, #2, and #3.
Issue #1
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Originally this series was to start up in July of 1995. A little problem cropped up though, called Wandering Star. It was planned for sometime in 1997, but now will come out in May 2000. There have been serious bumps along the way which lead to Teri's break from comics. Teri says that she's thrilled to finally know they're going to print, but admits that at present there are no plans to go further with the project. Still, one never knows what can happen in a crazy industry like this one.

Meanwhile, Teri is working on another series, an E-Comic for the time being, called BLOODLINES, which she hopes to have a free preview issue out sometime around April or May. Once more details are available you will all be the first to know.

Darklight could be a 'mature readers only' title (stated in Wandering Star #18's letter column). The reason for this is Teri's desire to do stories about "things that go bump in the night".  She seems to have desired to these stories for a very long time (over 10 years) so it should be good.

Issue #2
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As for the delays, well, one of the major reasons was Teri's desire to have as much info as possible before starting up. Info? Well, she did a lot of research, but hasn't told me just what type of research. Hmmmmm.

Darklight has appeared twice now, that I know of. Negative Burn #25 (reprinted in Blip #1) and Mythography #4.

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Negative Burn #25: We are introduced to Devon and Cat. We learn that Clairese likes Chinese food, that Devon is mischevious and can change (or appear to change) his appearance. Cat is very serious and seems to keep Devon in 'control'. We also see an ... interesting ... Bone t-shirt (it has Bone with a cigarette, guns, and a line 'Goes Berserk!'). We also have Devon refer to not 'bother any of the poor, little humans'. Hmmmm.

In Mythography #4 we see someone sneaking into the property where Devon, Clairese, and Cat live. He encounters a statue. The statue slowly approaches him and scares him. Devin (thought it was Dev_o_n) comes in with a few comments. Repeats the 'Humans' stuff.

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In Wandering Star #20 there is a hidden preview. This is the guy who is getting drunk with Joey (Devon). The guy is asking if anyone has seen a kitty-cat and doesn't want them to tell the cat that he was there. Also, Wandering Star #10 has a tiny 2 panel preview of Darklight (see the background images). This is 4 pages after the end of #10's story. From this we learn that the stars of Darklight will be Clairese, Devon and Cat (who appears to be a real cat).

I'll have more details as they come available.

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