This website is dedicated to the memory of Jill, who inspired the webmaster and many 1,000`s more compassionate people, to take action on behalf of animals.
The day included the laying of flowers at Jill`s memorial stone at Coventry Airport, speeches in Coventry City Centre, a colourful march through the city streets, the first screening of a film about Jill`s life, a vegan banquet and entertainment into the evening.

Click here for a full report of the days events, including many more pictures.
Jill`s Day 2005 will never be forgotten by anyone who was there. On Saturday 5th Feb 2005, 400 people from as far away as Scotland, Ireland and Europe came to Coventry to mark the 10th anniversary of Jill Phipps tragic death whilst protesting against live exports at Coventry Airport. It was a sombre day of remembrance, but also a time to celebrate Jill`s life and remind everyone of all that she fought against. 
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